Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This is Kiera's last letter before she comes home tomorrow! We are so grateful for her service and the spirit that has flowed from her the last 18 months. Thank You all for your love and for keeping her in your prayers. She is truly humbled by all your love!!

August 18th, 2014
Hermana Wright's departing fireside
w/ Becca Knowlton(Love Her!)
I can't believe that this has finally come. It still hasn't hit me. It just doesn't feel real. But this week was so amazing. We saw so many tender mercies. Things I will never forget. 
One of them was this last Wednesday. We were looking for a less active member at this home, and her husband, who is not a member, answered the door and told us she wasn't there. We asked if he had ever talked with missionaries before. He told us that he had many times, and that he just can't accept the Book of Mormon. He went on to tell us all of the reasons why we didn't need the Book of Mormon, and how he doesn't need to read it, he already has the bible, and that's enough for him. We tried explaining, testifying, anything, but he wouldn't let us get a word in. It go to the point where he became very rude and disrespectful. We tried ending the conversation several times before it actually happened. We walked away in silence, all a little frustrated that he didn't let us try to explain. And then I had the strongest feeling come over me. It hit me so hard. I knew the Book of Mormon was true. I've always believed it was true, but in this moment I knew. I could feel the spirit so strong, testifying that it is God's word, and that it was written for us. I know without a doubt that this book, contains the Gospel of Christ. It is the tool of the Restoration. And I know that, because I've read it, and I've prayed, and I got an answer that it is true. Even if this man were to give us every evidence and fact that the Book of Mormon wasn't true, I would still know that it is. 
Although this experience is not a very happy one, it is one I will never forget and will hold dear to my heart for the rest of my life. 
I want you all to know, that choosing to serve a mission, has been the best decision of my life. I know that I was supposed to be here. I know that I was called by a prophet of God to be a representative of Jesus Christ. And it was been the greatest privilege to represent Him and His church these last 18 months. I have never felt so much joy. I have never cried so hard. I've never felt so much love for another person. I've never worked so hard. I've never been so tired. But, I have never been so happy. These have been the happiest months of my life. And I will be forever grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me the opportunity to serve Him. I love being a missionary. And I love this Gospel. I know that it's true. I know that Joseph Smith restored the church to the earth under the direction of Jesus Christ. I know that by the power of God, he translated the Book of Mormon, and that it is true. I know that the Priesthood power is here on the earth. I know that the Holy Ghost is who testifies of truth. He is the third member of the Godhead and it is only by him, that we can know of the truth of all things. 
But most of all, I have come to learn, that Jesus Christ is my Savior. I know that He lives, because I have felt His love countless times. I know that he died for each and everyone of us. And because of this, we have the incredible blessing to repent and change. To become more like Him. I know that He lives because I have read the Book of Mormon, which is another testament of Him. I know that He lives because I have gone to church and have partaken of the Sacrament and applied His Atonement in my life. I know my Savior lives. And because He lives, we too can all live again someday. 
This is God's church on the earth. I know that with all my heart. And anyone and everyone can know the same if they will just act. Read, pray, go to church, be baptized, go to the temple, live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If we do these things, our Heavenly Father will always bless us with what we need. 
I love my mission. I'm heartbroken to leave. It feels like I'm leaving home. But I know that this is just the beginning to so many more life changing experiences. Thank you to all of you, for your constant love and support over these 18 months. I have felt the power of your prayers when I was weak, and I have felt your love when I was most alone. I will always be grateful for the amazing people that helped me get here and become who I am today. I LOVE YOU THE MOST!

Hermana Wright      


    Tuesday, August 12, 2014

    Hey Everyone!! 

    Well this week just seems like a blur. It went by so fast. 
    I had my departing missionary training this last Tuesday, and that was weird. It was really good. President Weidman gave us some awesome advice and we got to ask questions and talk about what was on our minds. It was good. 

    Jennifer was confirmed yesterday! It was an awesome day! She was so happy. A little nervous before, but she cried after. Her blessing after the confirmation was incredible. She cried. I felt the spirit so strong. I feel so so blessed. 

    Well everyone, this is my last full week. I plan to work and work and just enjoy the time I have. I love you all so much, that you for all the love and support. I LOVE YOU THE MOST!  

    Hermana Wright / Kiera 
    Hermana Wright and Hermana Warner comps
    three times, and they get to end their
    mission together!

    Departing missionary temple day!

    Hermana Jarmen and Herman Warner.


      August 4th, 2014
      Hey Everyone!
      First, I can not believe it is August! And that's all I'm going to say about that!
      This week was one of the best weeks of my mission. Jennifer was baptized yesterday, and I have never felt the way I did than I felt at her baptism.
      She showed up to church with three of her boys, and they were all in nice shirts and their hair was combed over. She said she didn't know if her husband would come at 2 for the baptism, but she hoped her would. We went through church and then we were getting everything ready for the baptism. We finished printing of the programs, and we found Jennifer just 20 min before and she was sobbing. Her husband wasn't coming. My heart just broke for her. She was so nervous and just wanted support. I held her and told her she was doing the right thing. I just silently prayed that she would have the strength to do it. And she did! We went back and got her changed, then went out for the prayer meeting. Our ward mission leader was the one baptizing her and Lorena, an investigator of the elders. He went through the program and then showed them how the baptism would. That was a special moment, cause he told her to just pay attention to the words he would say and how she would feel. I looked at Jennifer's face and could see that she felt safe. She had a little bit of hope. But was still nervous. We took some pictures, then went in for the service. One of Lorena's friends, Carmen, who lives in St George, gave the talk on baptism. It was beautiful. And then it was time for Jennifer to be baptized. Sister Young and I got to go back with her in the font. We waited for Hermano Madrid to get in the water, I held her glasses for her, and then she paused for just a second, then stepped in. Watching the baptism from the other side was incredible. When he said the prayer, he looked right into her eyes and said it with such power and authority, but with so much love and emotion. He cried and so did I. Jennifer came up out of the water and you could immediately see it. You could see that she was clean. She was beaming, and so happy. She walked up the steps and we had a moment together while Lorena was getting in the water. We asked how she felt. She said she had never felt anything like that in her life. She said she couldn't describe it. But she didn't have to. I could see it on her face. I was so overwhelmed by the spirit. I was able to look at her and see and feel how much Heavenly Father loved her. I was crying, she was crying. Then Sister Young told her to always remember that feeling. That when times get rough, or she has a doubt, to just remember that feeling. Jennifer and Lorena went back and changed and before we went back out to everyone. Jennifer said that that morning while, her mom was telling her those things, she told her mom that she really did believe that this was the right church, and that now she can feel it. She said she as going to go tell everyone how she felt!!! She's going to be a great member missionary! :) We sang "A Childs Prayer" and then Hermano Madrid gave them the opportunity to bare their testimonies. Jennifer had already told me before that she didn't want to and that she was shy. But she got up there and bore her testimony! Again, I just cried the whole time. She thanked me and sister young and told everyone of the changes she's seen in her life. She is amazing!
      I know that was a long story and lots of detail, but I hope you all can feel how special baptism is. These people are making a covenant with God, that will allow them to live with Him again. That is a huge deal.
      If I didn't know for certain before, I would know now, that this is the Church of Jesus Christ. The only true church on the earth. I have felt it time and time again, and know I've seen others feel it and know it for themselves. God lives and is so aware of us. Please keep Jennifer in your prayers, she has a lot of trails a head of her with her husband and family. But I know God will bless her and help her.
      I love you all so much. Thank you for all the support!
      Jennifer's Baptism!
      Hermana Wright / Kiera lynn 

        Hermana Wright, Hermana Warner, and Hermana Jarmen
        Beautiful Trio!!

        Sunday, July 27, 2014

        July 28th, 2014
        Hey everyone!
        Well first off, you will not believe what happened at transfers! I am staying in the area, but it's not a sister training area anymore. And I'm in a trio! Sister Jarmen and Sister Warner are my companions! Haha crazy right?!! Three times with Sister Warner. I think this is a sign that we will be part of each others lives forever! And I'm totally fine with that.
        I'm so sad to not have Sister Young anymore. She is incredible. But thank heavens everyone is from Utah so we can all hang out there :)
        Well yesterday was one of those days that one will never forget. Omar was baptized yesterday. It was such an incredible experience. He was so excited and so happy. He looked great in white! But there was such a special spirit there. I was just so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet Omar and to be able to share my testimony with him. I feel so blessed, and so grateful. After the baptism, the Lamberena family came up to Omar and they all knew each other before from some past job or something. And they invited Omar over for dinner that night. So we all had dinner together last night and Omar brought his little boy Alex, who is three. It was such a tender mercy for Omar to have someone in the ward that he knows and loves. And he has so many other fellowshippers in the ward too. They have taken him in and have helped him so much. Omar is incredible. Please keep him in your prayers. We all know that once something good happens, Satan is right there and will try to tempt and distract.
        Also Jenifer came to church yesterday and her oldest son Jr, who is 9, came as well. They all loved it! We talked to Jenifer after and she asked us if we have to tell her she's ready for baptism or if she decides that for herself. Haha she is so ready. So we told her to pray about a specific day and that we knew she would be ready for that day if she did her part.
        And last night we went to the departing missionary fireside. There were 26 missionaries going home!!! There were so many people there it was crazy. But it was so good. the testimonies were so powerful. It was sad to see so many of the missionaries I love get up there. It's weird to think that that will be me in four weeks. Not sure how I feel about that.
        I want all of you to know that God really does hear and answer our prayers. I know that He does because He has answered mine this last week. Some answers came through quiet thoughts, and others through priesthood blessings, but they came. I love the priesthood. It can help us so much. I know that if we are stressed, worried, sick, confused, a blessing from our Heavenly Father given through his worthy sons, can help us and uplift us. If you're struggling in anyway, ask for a priesthood blessing.
        I love you all so much. Thank you for your love and support and your prayers. I really can feel them and the strength they bring to me every day. Keep on keeping on :) I LOVE YOU THE MOST!
        Hermana Wright / Kiera lynn   
          July 14th, 2014
          Hi Everyone!
          Such an amazing week! We saw so many miracles!
          First, OMAR CAME TO ALL THREE HOURS OF CHURCH! It was such a happy day! We had taught him on Saturday about the priesthood and then told him that he had a responsibility to be at church every week. We invited him to fast with us that he would be able to get work off so that he could come. And he did! And the topics that were discussed at church were so perfect for him! He is doing so good. But please keep him in your prayers, he needs a lot of help this week to be able to make his baptismal date. He needs to get Sunday's off or quit his job. But we know he will be blessed for putting his faith in the Lord.
          This next story is amazing!
          So two weeks ago we were fasting and praying for Omar that he would be able to come to church. We were also praying that we would find new people to teach. We were about to end out fast and walking back to our car, when we almost got hit by a car! This guy was backing out in the parking lot and almost hit us. But he saw us, then asked "Are you bible people?" of course we said yes! He asked us to wait while he re-parked his car and that he wanted to talk to us. So he parked again (and almost hit us again) and then got out and started talking to us. He was speaking English, but then asked if we spoke Spanish because of our name tags, we said yes, and he said "oh good, Spanish is way easier for me!" (miracle #1). He then went on to tell us that he saw us walking and something told him in his heart that he needed to talk to us. Then then said "so what do you have for me, because I know it's what I need." (miracle #2) We told him a little about what we do and explained that we had specific areas and that he probably wasn't in our area cause he said he lived ten minutes away, but he told us his address, and it was totally in our area! (miracle #3) We set up a return appointment and this last Friday we were able to meet him and we set a baptismal date! When I asked if he would be baptized, he said "Yes. I want to be happy." We asked how he was feeling and he told us that he felt a warmth and peace come over him and we were able to testify that that was the spirit telling him that that was what he needed to do. (miracle #4) And then on Saturday, there was a man getting baptized and we called to invite Joaquin (oh that's his name fyi) and he said he would be there in 30mins. Luckily the baptism started an hour late, and he was able to see a baptism. He said he felt so much peace and loved it! (Miracle #5) I can not even tell you how incredible this had been. God truly is a God of Miracles. I feel so humbled to be a part of this incredible work! Please keep Joaquin in your prayers. He too will have a lot of trials to get over before he is baptized. But we know he can do it!
          And the other person we are working with right now is Jenifer. She too has a baptismal date and is just amazing. We love her and her 4 boys! They are so cute. Ages 9 to 1. They are crazy but a ton of fun. They love singing with us. This last week we taught them "once there was a snowman" and "popcorn" they loved it! Jenifer has so much faith. But is a little nervous about the change and how her family will take it. If you could keep her in your prayers too, that would be wonderful :)
          I love being a missionary. I love serving the people here and I love the Lord. This is his work. More than anything, I've learned this last week that we are only tools in his hands. It's not us. It could never be us. But God loves us enough to use us to help his work along so that we can be changed and strengthened in His gospel. What an incredible blessing. I know that Christ lives. He is how we can change, and how others around us can change. I kow that this is his church.
          I love you all so much! Thank you for all your love and support! I LOVE YOU THE MOST!
          hermana wright / kiera
          July 7th, 2014
          Happy July Everyone!
          I am so happy that June is over, because here there is this horrible thing called June gloom, and its all this smog and humidity and mucky stuff that makes everything grey and ugly. (so if you ever want to visit LA, don't go in June) But it's all gone now! The only down side is it's super hot now! We started showering at night cause we are so gross when we come home. But it's fun. I'm starting to get a watch tan line :)
          Well this week, like every week, we say miracles. The first one I would like to share is that one of our investigators, Jennifer, accepted a baptismal date!!! We love her and her family so much! She has 4 little boys, 9, 4, 3 and and one year old. They are so cute, a little crazy, but we have a lot fun. And last night we were able to have a FHE with them and another family in our ward who also have four young boys! So perfect. It went really well. She was also at churh yesterday!
          The second miracle is that Omar was at church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          He was about 15 minutes late, but when we turned around and saw him walking in, in his chef uniform and apron, we did not care how late he was! He came! And we found out that there was someone who didn't show up to work that day, so he didn't think he was going to be able to leave for an hour, but they still let him! What a tender mercy. And he was able to meet the stake president, who speaks spanish, and the bishop. And he told both of them when he was getting baptized! Haha he is so great. Omar is amazing. We love him so much.
          Another fun thing. we found out in MLC this week, that the First Presidency has made changes to  what missionaries teach. Missionaries now have to teach lesson 5, "Laws and Ordinances" before baptism. It used to be that it was just after baptism lesson, but now it has to be taught before. I am so excited about this! Because in this lesson, they learn about priesthood, temple work, missioanry work, and teaching and callings in the church. I know this will really help investigators understand that baptism is just a step, and that the temple is the real goal. We have already started teaching Omar these things, and it is so apparent to see that he has that mind set of getting to the temple in a year.
          Well I can't believe another week is gone. They keep going faster and faster, and I can't seem to make it slow down. How does time do that? Isn't it comforting to know, that is the eternities, there won't be "time" to stop or end our happiness. That we will be able to have a fulness of joy with our families, with no worries of saying goodbye, or waiting to be reunited. That principle alone, brings me so much peace and joy, and I know that it's true. I know that we can really be with each other forever. Everyone! Every person that we love in this life, we can be with them forever, IF we all keep our covenants.
          I know that God lives. He has a perfect plan for us and loves us perfectly. What a blessing to be part of His true church. And if you aren't yet, or aren't keeping covenants, simply ask yourself "what is holding me back?" I promise that there is nothing more important than this gospel. Nothing more important that making and keeping covenants with our Heavenly Father. He is ready to bless us, all we have to do is act.
          And if we are active and keeping our covenants, what more can we do? Are we following the council given by modern day prophets to share the gospel, to invite and follow up. There is always more we can do :)
          I love this gospel. I know that it's true because I've lived it. I've lived it and I've seen the blessings that come from it. I love my Savior, I know that he lives, I have felt his love. I love representing Him and His church, and I am going to try to be the best I can be for these last six weeks, and help others have the happiness that I do.
          I love you all so much. Thank you for all your love and support. I LOVE YOU THE MOST!
          Hermana Wright / Kiera
          June 30th,2014
          Hey Everyone!
          Well I really can't think of anything else other than Chase getting his call to PERU! So amazing! I am so excited for him. He will be a great missionary!
          Well this week we had so many amazing things happen!
          First on Tuesday, we were able to go to the Visitors Center with Omar, and that in itself was a battle! He was running late, and then something happened with the car, and a whole buch of other things, but we finally got up there and it was awesome! He loved it! The whole tour was focused on the Atonement and repentance. He loved it.
          So then on Wedensday, at english class, the topic was on law and order. So at the end of the class, Omar shared his expereice with everyone at the Visitors center, and told about justice and mercy and pretty much bore his testimony of change and repenting! After the class, we taught him the word of wisdom. He has no problems with any of them, except coffee! But we had a member walk by and she shared her expereince of how she quit coffee before she was baptized. Such a miracle. So then on Saturday, Omar came to english class again, and he told us that he hasn't had any coffee in four days!!! He also said he had a lot of headaches, but that he was gonna keep going! Then we had a ward missionary activity where we had a couple members come to the church and then we were going to go out with them and have them meet our investigators and meet their friends. Omar asked if he could stay and see what it was all about. So he stayed for the little pre meeting. There was a brother there who had asked for a blessing, so the elders were going to give him one before we left. Our ward mission leader, then simply explained to Omar what a blessing was and why we have the power to give them. He then asked Omar if he would like a blessing to hlep him progress in the gospel. and Omar said yes!!!! The blessing was amazing! It was exactly what Omar needed to hear to help him. We asked how he felt after and he didn't have words! Which is rare cause Omar loves to talk :) So then Omar decided to go with the elders and a member to make a visit, but could only go for one visit cause he had stuff to do. So we all left and we went out with our memeber to visit one of our investigators, which went really well, then she introduced us to her friend. Then all of us met back up at Hno Madrids house to eat and share testimonies. And in comes OMAR with the elders! He had stayed for the whole thing. We sit down to eat and start sharing what happened. Omar went first and went on to tell everyone that he had felt the spirit so strong that he decided to stay with the elders. And then has they were driving back, he said he had the thought to take the elders to go see his brother. So they did! The elders then told everyone how Omar told his brother that he has felt something different in the church and has been so much happier since he has been meeting with me and Sister Young, and that he should listen to the missionaries too!!!!!!!!! WOW that was so long! but it was such an amaizng story. Omar is incredible. He has a lot to work on, but he is making great progress. Please keep him in your prayers. He works three jobs and works Sundays, so he hasn't been able to come to church yet. We need a miracle for him to be able to come this Sunday!
          Also this week we met and guy named Wilow.( I always think of "peck peck peck peck" everytime I say his name :) and he owns a food business, and gave us the BEST orchata I have had on my entire mission! He said he'll give us more when we go back to teach him tonight :)
          Oh I also spoke in Sacrament meeting yesterday, and sang. haha it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. And i think everyone understood my spanish.. i hope :) but my topic was on the "importance of the family" and i loved being able to talk about the family. It was such an easy topic because I have seen how the gospel blesses familes, because it's blessed my own family so much. I am so grateful to have an incredible family who are firm in the gospel and are making decisions that will greatly bless their lives forever. I know the church is true. I know that Christ lives. I know that we can all live with our families forever. I love you all so much! Thank you for all you do! I LOVE YOU THE MOST!
          Hermana Wright/ Kiera :)
          June 23rd, 2014
          Hi Everyone!
          Well this week was awesome!
          To start off, last monday we had a lesson with a man and his wife we had met the week before. We brought a member with us and the rest is downhill from there. haha! We started out just fine talking about God and prophets, and then we get to Joesph Smith, and wow he had a problem. He just kept telling us that ALL the truth was in the bible and that anyone who said there was more was of the devil and not of God. He then handed each of us a little flyers that said "Nadie tiene tiempo para Dios!" No one has time for God. He then kindly told us that he did not think there was a reason for us to meet again. I graciously and 100% agreed with him very quickly. We said a prayer, and then right as we ended, he started praying in a very...interesting way that kinda scared me actually. haha I will not forget how happy i was to walk out. But it really just makes me sad in the end that some people are so hard hearted to not even try to learn for themselves.
          Tuesday was a little different, President called and asked us that morning to come to the District leader trainng and give a training to the DL's!! President started out by comforting everyone by telling them that we weren't new district leaders and that we didn't have the preisthood. haha it was funny :)
          Wedensday we went to the Temple! It was so beautiful and so needed. I love the temple. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be able to go to such a sacred place and feel the spirit so stong.
          We went on exchanges this week too. I went to the Redondo area with Sister Smith, I love her so much! She is one of the funniest missionaries I've ever worked with. We contacted people right on the beach! It was so beautiful. We also talked to a couple of crazy people, but some normal ones too :)
          We also had interviews with President Weidman this week. He talked to me a lot about the Gospel of Christ. The Gospel of Christ is what we live every day to be able to live with Heavenly Father again. He told me that that is what I needed to focus on now and when I'm home. Is living the gospel of Christ. Having faith daily, repenting daily. Renewing and keeping covenants, and following the holy ghost. It was amazing advice!
          I love you so much!Tthank you for all you do and for all the prayers and support. I love you the most!
          Hermana Wright / kiera lynn

          Monday, June 16, 2014

          Hey family and friends!
          Well this week was a blurr to be honest. I cant remember what was this week or last month! it's all mushed together.
          But we did have a couple of awesome experiences. We had found a guy last week named Omar who came to our english class and we taught him after class then set up a time to meet with him again. We went and saw him on tuesday and we taught the restoration and it went super good! Then we taught him how to pray and had him say the closing prayer. He paused for a long time in the middle of his prayer, and then ended. We asked how he felt and he told us that while he was praying he felt something really strong. He said he couldn't describe it but that it was more than peace, more than just calm or happy, and it was strong. So me and Sister Young were able to testify to him that he had felt the spirit. We could feel it too. We met with him the next night with a couple of members, and invited him to be baptized, and he accepted! He is going to have a hard time getting work off for church on Sunday's, but we are going to work with him on that.
          Also this week we found a woman, and taught her just a littlle bit about the blessings that come from the gospel, and she came to church on sunday with her two little boys! It was so exciting to have her be at church and feel the spirit.
          We had a great week. I can't really remember anything else that happened, but it was good.
          This week I read the 2000 stripling warriors story and it stuck out to me. I love this story. I think most people do, and it's a familiar one that we all know. What stuck out this time is that even tho all these boys were saved and not one was slain, there was also not one of them that didn't have many wounds. It showed me that everyone is going to have wounds in this life. whether it's mistakes that we've made, others that have hurt us, bad habits, or just the everyday things that come with living in this world, no one is going to make it out without having gotten some wounds. But that is what is so beautiful about this story, none of them were slain, because they put their trust in God. Just like these young men, if we put our trust in God, we will be able to have the full blessing of the Atonement heal us form our wounds and we will be saved. There is always hope. When we trust God and turn our lives over to him, there is always hope to be better, to start over, and to be happy. I know that the Savior died for that exact reason. So that we can be happy and be made clean. I know that he lives. I have felt his love and his power. This really is His church, and I'm so grateful to have it in my life.
          I love you all so much, thank you for your amazing examples and all the support you have given me over this last year. I love the gospel and i know that its true! I LOVE YOU THE MOST!
          heraman Wright / Kiera lynn
          June 9th, 2014
          Hello everyone!
          Well I'll start off with what's happening this transfers. I am staying but Sister Robinson is leaving. She is going back to hermosa liahona (for the third time) and will be with my old companion Sister Diaz!!! And Sister Young is coming here with me. So it should be a fun transfer :)
           I got to go back to my old area of Torrance, on exchanges with Sister Johnson, my old companion. It was a lot of fun to see how much she's changed since she first came to the mission 6 months ago.
           So on Friday, we received a referral from head quarters and it didn't have a specific time to stop by, so we decided to go right after we got it. We were looking for a woman named Dina, but when we got there, she said there wasnt' anyone by that name who lives there. But she invited us in. So we told her who were and what our purpose was as missionaries. She then told us that for and while, and that morning too, she has been praying to find a new church. Asking for more direction in her life. She said she was happy in her church but she felt like there was more for her and her two sons. So we were then able to testify to her that this was an answer to her prayers and that the message we had was what she needed. We taught her the restoration and after we told her the Jospeh Smith story, we asked how she felt. She told us that she believed it. It was so amazing. We haven't been able to see her since, so please pray for her that we'll be able to see her soon.
          It was such a humbling experience to be the answer to someone's prayer. I know that God uses the meek and simple to do his work, because they are the ones that will listen to Him.
          I have never felt so much love from my Heavenly father than I have during my mission. He is real and I know that He lives. I have felt his love. I have felt his love for others. And I have felt his healing power time after time when I needed his Grace.  This is His church. And it is worth every sacrifice to not only have a testimony of it, but to be converted to it. Meaning that we will always put him first, no matter the situation, no matter the cost. I know that by being converted, we will understand His will more, and will see the bigger picture. I would encourage all of you to study conversion. It is essential for our lasting happiness. I love the Lord and I love being here. Thank you for all your prayers and support! I LOVE YOU THE MOST!
          Hermana Wright / Kiera lynn
          June 2, 2014

          Hi Everyone!
          Can you even believe it's June! I can not! May went by way to fast.
          So we had some pretty cool things happen this week. The best was yesterday, but of course I'll save the best for last.
          So I went on exchanges twice this week. The first one was with Sister Yanez. Her and Sister Walker are in our ward, so they are our best friends :) But I went to their area, and got to be on bike!!! I was sooo happy. I miss my bike so much. But it was a really windy day, so it was a little hard, but so much fun! We bought some pan dulce (sweets or pastries) at a panadaria that were so good, and we talked to tons of people. We met with one of their investigators, Arturo and Raquel, and they are so much fun! They treated us like we were their children and have the desire to learn. They also got us these popcicle things soaked in chile powder, haha it was pretty good.
          Then I went on exchanges with Sister Smith in their area, which is english, but it was a lot of fun! A member took us out to lunch and then brought us to talk to someone she had met a couple weeks ago on the street. His name was Luigi, he's from Italy, and is probably a hundred years old, ok not really, but he's old. So Luigi is super hard hearted and is orthadox...something, I don't even know. But we taught him the restoration cause he wanted to know what we believe. When we finished, he looked at us and told us that we had just done a horrible job. Haha I thought he was kidding, but he was not. He then when on to tell us that he wants to read the Book of Mormon first, then have his son read it, then his daughter, then his other son, and then have a conversation with them and us about the church. He then made me play this little game when I drew two pictures in 15 seconds three times. From what I drew, he was able to tell me who I was, Where I came from, and what I wanted in life. It was ridiculous. The only thing he got right was that I come from a good strong family with good long roots. Everything else was just off and almost rude, haha but oh well, He's old.
          After that we were able to teach a young guy named Jusin, who is half Korean half Mexican, and is muslim... he is obviously confused about who he is. But he had a lot of great questions. It was fun to teach him because he was really thinking about it and wanted to understand. We taught him in a old peoples home because he was spending time with his grandfather, who doesn't talk anymore. I tell you this because the old man who was in the bed next to his grandpa, was hilarious! Haha we had shut the curtain between us to give him privacy, but right before we were about to leave he got a phone call and and yelled " hey! hey you behind the curtain!" So i popped my head around the curtain and he said " this woman wants to come see me tomorrow, should I tell her yes?" I told him he could do whatever he wanted. So he told her yes .Two minutes later he called to me again " hey! hey behind the curtain!" I went around again. he said " This lady doesn't have a car, what do I tell her?" and I responded, being 100% serious, "maybe she could get a taxi?" and he said so seriously back " now this is no time for funny business missy." We all bursted into laughter. Haha I had no idea I was being funny, nor was I trying to be. haha it just caught all of us off guard. He then went on to tell us that his mother was coming, which he himself was about 80 years old. Oh and his name was Arnold :)
          ok that was long, sorry.
          So the best thing that happened this week was that Elder Ballard came to our mission yesterday and spoke to us! And he came to our stake, so we were able to hear him twice! It was such an amazing experience  to be able to meet an apostle of the Lord. He was so wonderful! Just full of love and peace. He gave us advice and counsel on how we can improve as a mission and be better individuals. The main thing I got out of it was that we need to call down the powers of heaven always. This is His work, He knows how to do it. We should involve him. Not just in missionary work, but in everything. This is His perfect plan we are living, He knows what we need to be doing. We need to ask him.
          Another thing I loved that he said was he was flying somewhere with La Gran Richards, and asked him if he ever worried. Elder Richards said "No I don't worry. This is God and Jesus Christ' church, I'll let them worry about it. I'm just here to do my best."
          We are all here trying to do our best, and that is all God asks of us. If we are honestly doing all we can to live the commandments and keep our covneants, we will be blessed. That's a promise.
          Well I'm sorry this was so long this week. But i'm so grateful for the gospel, I know that it's true, and we are so blessed to have it. I love you all so much. Thanks for your love and support. I LOVE YOU THE MOST.
          hermana wright / kiera lynn :)

          Thursday, May 29, 2014

          May 26th, 2014
          Hi Everyone!
           Well this week I was on a lot of exchanges with other sisters. Which was a lot of fun getting to work with other sisters and get to know them better.
          On Wednesday, we had a miracle happen. We have one student who has been coming with her husband for a long time, but did not want any preaching or missionaries at their house. But they are an amazing couple! They love us and we love them. So on Wednesday, we shared a spiritual thought about the Book of Mormon being another testament of Christ and His atonement. After class, this student walked up to me and said, "Hermana Wright.... can I have one of those books?" My heart jumped. I was so excited and caught off guard to be honest. But we went and got her one and she said she was so excited and would try to read it in one day! It was a huge tender mercy for us. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon. It really is true.
          And then yesterday, we had a musical fireside that we the missionaries put on. and I sang a solo. Yes I kiera, sang a solo, and I was scared, but it went ok. We all sang and members read parts and scriptures. It was really good. We had couple non members come. I wish more would have come, but it was still good.
          Other than that.... I can not remember anything else that happened..... so sorry!
          But I hope everyone enjoys your memorial day today and the amazing people that have gone before us. We have so much because of their sacrifices.
          I love this gospel. There is no way that it's not true! I'm grateful to be here sharing my testimony everyday.
          I love you all so much. thank you for everything!
          Kiera lynn / Hermana Wright
          May 19th,2014
          Hi Everyone!
          HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!! I would just like everyone to know that Daddy Dave is 49 today! haha Love you Dad! :)
          Well this week went by so fast!
          We had a recent convert get the holy ghost this week on Thursday. He got baptized about three weeks ago, but for a lot of different reasons, he hasn't been able to come to church to get confirmed. So we did it Thursday night in the bishops office. And it was a great experience for him. He is soooo funny. He's always making  jokes, and for some reason they are way funnier in Spanish!
          This week I went on exchanges and I got to go to Lomita with Sister Dopp and we rode bikes! It was so much fun! I didn't realized how much I had missed my bike! We had so much fun and were able to talk to a lot of people in the wonderful language of English.... I am very glad I'm in a Spanish ward, it reminded me of how hard serving English was. But we had fun :)
          We have been talking to everyone!!!!! It was been so much fun to talk with all kinds of different people. Then about every 8 people, you get a crazy one... like really crazy. But it makes for good stories. Like when I was with Sister Dopp this weekend. We went to see on of their investigators named Vincent. He is living in this house with a bunch of other people, but they are all getting evicted because of something that happened. Anyway, one of the women who lives there is named Reba, and she is a big black woman who holds her own, and is also a crack addict. So we start the lesson, and she starts crying about something that happened to her daughter. So Vincent who is so sweet, hands her his Book of Mormon and tell her to read a verse and that it will make her feel better. Well she starts reading, and halfway through the verse she just starts crying and then screaming. She was screaming for 3 mins straight!! She was screaming at the top of her lungs so hard that she was shaking and beads of sweat were coming down her face. Not going to lie, I was so terrified. But we just sat there  and Vincent got up and went and gave her a hug and she started to calm down. Once she was ok, we started reading again. But then she asked us to say a prayer for her daughter. Vincent offered to say it, and in the middle of his prayer, she started screaming again... 3 mins, shaking, sweating. So we then put Reba in her room, took all her stuff in there for her and got her settled, then we went outside and finished the lesson with Vincent.  And because of this experience, I can promise to you all, that I will never do drugs. And that is the moral of the story.
          But we have been able to have some really great experiences with talking to everyone. Like  this week me and sister Robinson got sung to on the street. Haha it was a little funny but he was singing us christian music that he was writing, and he was not afraid to belt it in the street. We got some good looks from the neighbors. And yesterday, we met a cute lady and her son that were willing to let us come back and share more. There really are miracles in talking to people. And I know that this applies to everyone, not just missionaries.
          Sometimes we have thoughts to talk to the kid next to us in our college class, or start a conversation with a co-worker. Don't ever ignore those thoughts. Last night, Sister Robinson had the thought to go back into a laundry mat to talk to a certain guy. When she said it, I knew we needed to do it. And so we did. It turns out that he was an inactive member. He joined the church over years ago in Alaska, and then came here not long after, but he hadn't had contact with the church for years. We were able to give him the address to the church and invite him to a fireside next week. I know that we needed to talk to him. One of the sisters said something that really hit me this last week. She said "anytime I run into a less active member, I know that their family has been praying for them to have contact with the church." I really believe that is true. There are so many who need our help. So also look for those who might, and then act on it.
          I love the gospel. It is true. God is real and He does live. His son is our Savior and it's because of Him, that we can have all the blessings of eternal life. Thank you for all your support and love. I feel so blessed! I LOVE YOU THE MOST!
          Kiera lynn / Hermana Wright

          May 12
          Hi everyone!
          Well yesterday was awesome! I loved talking to my  family. I feel so blessed to have such an incredible family! I know that families are essential in Heavenly Fathers plan, and I'm glad I have one that is so supportive and loving :) Thanks family!
          So this last week was long to be honest. We had a couple of different meetings that we don't usually have. But they were all really good! We had MLC (missionary leadership council) and that was awesome, I learned a lot from our mission president and the other missionaries that are there. I feel super grateful to be able to learn from them.
          Then Thursday we had Zone Conference. I learned a lot there too! We got a lot of good trainings and suggestions on how we can be better missionaries and help our mission grow!
          And then yesterday we went to contact a referral we got from some other sisters. We knock on the door and the mom answers and is not really interested, but she invites us in. She then tell us that we should talk to her daughter because she is a rebel an needs the message. So she went and got her! Haha, she came out and we taught them both a really short version of the Restoration, and the daughter said she would be open to learn and try it out. By the time we were leaving, the mom started asking a lot of questions and asking when church was. They said we could come back and share more.
          It was just a cool expereince to see how the spirit worked in two different ways to touch two different people.
          Well that was the week. It's absoulutly beautiful here! I love it! and I love the gospel. I know that it's true. No doubt, no question. We are beyond blessed to have what we have. We know where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going. How could we not be happy? My favorite quote right now is from Joseph B. Wirthlin, "Come what may and and love it" No matter what happens, it will all work out. We know the truth and we have the faith to keep moving forward. The church is true and it's worth it. I love you all. Thank you for everything! I LOVE YOU THE MOST!
          Kiera / Hermana Wright
          May 5th Cinco De Mayo!!
          Hi everyone!
          Well this week was very busy in my new area, but we had so much fun and saw miracles in the Zone.
          We had a cool Zone Challenge on Saturday, where we had the missionaries in the Zone go out and get their 20 conversations in a three hour block, and then we met back up at the church and had a little testimony meeting. It was so cool. I was so impressed to see the faith of this zone. Everyone went and did, and saw cool miracles the rest of the weekend. I love missionary work!
          My new companion is AWESOME! I love Sister Robinson! We served around each other in Hollywood last summer and again four months ago in Torrance, so we are already best friends1 She is from Texas and goes home in July. She goes to BYU, so we will for sure be able to keep in touch.
          My new ward mission leader is so amazing! He is a little crazy, but an angel. He loves the gospel. He was a mission president in the Dominican Republic, and was able to spend and entire week with Neil A. Maxwell.... lets just say he has some amazing stories. He also has the biggest house ever! haha oh boy, it's really nice and close to the beach :)
          Overall, I love this new area. It's going to take a lot of work getting it going and helping our zone
          Alison and Mercedes!! Love them!
          , but it's going to be worth and I know we'll be blessed for our efforts.  
          Thank you so much for all the prayers and the love! I LOVE YOU THE MOST!
          kiera/ hermana wright

          Apr 28
          Hey Everyone!

          Well this week was just awesome for a lot of different reasons. 
          First, we got a new investigator from Los Angeles English. His name is Leonel and he is from Columbia. He came to the class and loved the spiritual thought we gave at the end. He asked tons of questions and wanted us to come by as soon as possible. So we met with him of Friday and his sister was there as well. They had TONS of questions and we were able to answer all of them.They both said they would read and pray about the Book of Mormon. I am excited for them! 
          This week I also had a 12 month training with President and the other missionaries I came out with. They gave these papers we had filled out when we first got to the mission last year, and we had to read them and see what our goals were a year ago and where we were with those goals. I have to say that I am still working on mine! But I think it will be a life time pursuit haha :) But I was grateful for this training because it taught me a lot about submitting to the Lord. President told us that we can't go home the same people we were when we left. We have to change and be what the Lord wants us to be. That is how we will know if we were humble enough to grow and be shaped by His hand. It was a really great training.
          And then on Saturday night, I got to go back to Hollywood. Jackie and her mom Emma were baptized!!!! It was one of the best days of my mission. To see she her all in white and just beaming with light, put me into tears. She was so happy and there was no fear or concern on her face. She had been waiting for this day for a long time. She knew that what she was doing what right. I know without a doubt, that Jackie is one of those people I was meant to come and meet. She has taught me so much about faith and hope. Nine months ago, she knew she would get baptized, and it didn't concern her. She always told us that she would get baptized in the Lords timing, and she was right. She just needed to wait so that her mother could hear the gospel too. When bishop Nunez baptized them, both of them kind of threw themselves in the water. It was very fast and I don't think I've ever seen the font splash with waves before. Haha it was pretty funny. Everyone said they were just to excited to wait for bishop to lower them into the water! :) and Now they are baptized members of the church, and Jackie is already excited to go through the temple in a year!
          These really are the times when every hard thing you've been though on your mission are all worth it. These are the times where you never want to go home because you feel like you really have found your home here with these people. I am beyond grateful for the incredible people I've met on my mission. They have blessed my life so much. 
          Oh and i'm being transferred again! haha going to Harbor 3rd in Torrance with Sister Robinson. Should be fun :)
          I know the gospel is true with all my heart. It is amazing. 
          I love you all so much. Thank you for all the support and love! I love you the most!

          kiera/ hermana wright 

          Monday, April 21, 2014

          April 21, 2014
          Wow I can't believe we are half way through April!!! I think I'm stuck in January! haha But I love the spring time, and I can only imagine  how beautiful it is in Utah right now, especially Logan, I miss that place!
          Well this last week was awesome! We were able to go to the Visitors Center twice! The first time we went with Rosa and her two kids, Jayline and Eric. We focused on families and the Temple. They loved it! Jayline is 9 and she wanted to stay there all day! Eric is 13 and doesn't say much, but I know he liked it. And Rosa loved it too. She wants this for her family so bad. She just needs to make the time for it and read the Book of Mormon, but I love this family. They are amazing and so much fun.
          We also went with Edgar to the Visitors Center. We focused on the Restoration. We watched the hour long Joseph Smith movie. By the end of it, both my companion and Hno. Romero were crying to much that they couldn't talk, so I had to try and spit out some words through my own tears. It was very powerful. I've seen this movies at least 25 times, and every time I do, I just know that he was a prophet and that the church is true. I'm so grateful for the Visitors Center. It is a beautiful place and has such a special spirit.
          We also had a ward activity on Saturday for Easter, and Edgar came with his grandkids and wife!!!!! Well his friend, cause they aren't married. But she came. that was huge! I hope she will open up and listen to us. We need her so Edgar can be baptized, and he wants to be baptized so bad. Sometimes this co-habitating thing really gets old... :) but blessings come from living the commandments :) the activity was really great, I got very sunburnt and my neck hurts! haha I am so white, and everyone at the activity was not afraid to tell me that.
          And yesterday was a beautiful Easter Day. I love the Savior. Our Bishop spoke and talked about Sacrifice. The question he asked was "can we really sacrifice something that isn't ours?" Like our money and tithing. Is it really our money in the first place? No. It's the Lords. Can we really sacrifice our time to go do home teaching or serve a mission? No. It's not our time either. It's the Lords. Sometimes we got so caught up in the sacrifices we make to do our callings, be with family, or be members of the church. But it's not really sacrifice when it doesn't belong to us in the first place. The time and things that we are given here, all belong to the Lord and we need to treat them as such. We need to live every commandment and do our best to help others do the same. This is how we repay the Lord for his countless blessings and tender mercies.
          I know that my Savior lives. I know that he suffered for all of us and gave His life on the cross. Then three days later he was resurrected and because of this, we can now live again as well. I love the gospel with all my heart. I hope we can be better at willingly "sacrificing" everything to the Lord. I love you all so much! T

          hanks for all the Love and Support! I LOVE YOU THE MOST!
          Hermana Wright    Kiera :)
          Well today is just gorgeous here in sunny California :) This is the best time of the year here in my opinion, even tho the nights can be chilly. :)
          Well I honestly don't know where this week went. It went by super fast. But we had some cool things happen this week.
          So Edgar (one of our investigators) wants to get baptized, but he is not married to his senora, so there is a problem. And this women wouldn't even look at us. So we told Edger to pray everyday to know what to do about the situation. We had a lesson with him Friday morning and it went well. Then at the end of the lesson, he told us to come into the kitchen and we were able to meet his woman, and she talked to us!!! She told us that we were welcomed there anytime! I was a little shocked. We invited her to church, and she said she would think about it. She didn't come yesterday, but it was amaizng to see how her heart had been sofented just a little bit. I really hope that she will be open to listening to the lessons now.
          We also had a family home evening with the Daza family. Hna Daza is my best friend and I love her! Her husband is less active, so that is why we had an FHE with them. It was really good. I hope that we'll be abe to help Hno Daza see the importance of the gospel for his family.
          Then this weekend we got another mini missionary!  It was a lot of fun. Her name was Paloma and she 17 and a convert. She did not want to come at first, but by the time we dropped her off, she said that she had loved it and learned so much. I hope that she will go on a mission. I wish that for everyoen actually. It's the best thing in the whole world :)
          Well I hope everyone had a great week and that you have a great one to come. Thought
          Paloma, Hermana Diaz and Me!
          for the week is don't get angry. I read Mosiah 19-21 today, and so many people died because someone got angry and couldn't communicate. Anger is not of the Lord, it makes us do irrational things and say stuff we don't mean. It's better to handle everything with love. Take a 2 min break, count to 10, or walk away, but don't get angry. The emotional part of our brain reacts way faster than the rational part, so give your brain time to think :)
          I love you all so much. thanks for all the love and support. :) I LOVE YOU THE MOST
          Kiera lynn   Hermana Wright

          Apr 7
          Hey Everyone!
          Well I hope Conference was as amazing for all of you as it was for me. I felt like a little kid at Christmas time to be honest. Earlier last week, I had written down the questions I had been thinking about for the last couple weeks, in total I had nine questions written down. By the end of Confernce yesterday, all nine of them had been answered! It was blessing and an answer to my prayers! I love Conference!
          This week we had a lesson with this girl named Cathryn. She has been coming to our english classes and we were finally able to set up an appointmet with her. She is 22, from Guatemala, and has only been here for 2 months. Her brother was a member of the church but passed away a couple years ago. He never really said anything to her about the church. She is super quiet, and doesn't say much, so it was hard to tell what she thought about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. But the spirit was there, so we can only hope that she'll read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. We set up another apaiontment with her for this week.
          Yesterday, after conference we went to the Visitors Center with Marco and Hermano Romero. It was awesome! Marco knew and understood way more about the Restoration than me and hna Diaz gave him credit for. I was glad he had understood. We were able to watch a video about the family with him and God's plan for the family in this life. It hit Marco really hard. He said that after watching it, he knew he needed to change and be better for his son. Then we walked around to the front of the temple with him and told him about how special the temple is. There was a sweet spirit there. I hope and pray that Marco will remember that special spirit. Please keep him in your paryers. He needs to stop drinking and come to church.
          Well I don't rememebr what else happened.... this week went by super fast! But I do know that I love my mission! I love being a missionary! The Lord has blessed us so much. we have a living prophet! We don't have to guess or worry about what we should do, we just have to listen and follow. I know it's easier said than done, but it is possible and it is worth it :) I hope you all have plans on how you are going to apply the things you have learned in conference to your personal lives, your marriage, callings, and relationships. It does us no good to learn and gain a bunch of knowledge, and then do nothing with it. We must live what we learn, and that is when we will begin to see the change in ourselves and in our families.
          I love you all so much! Thank you for the love and support. I LOVE YOU THE MOST!
          Hermana Wright/ Kiera

          Wednesday, April 2, 2014

          Mar 31 at 2:00 PM
          Hi :)
          Just so everyone knows, I am safe and alive after  the earthquakes :) haha! We did feel them and it was super cool!!!! But no damage around where I am. They are expecting more, but we'll see what happens.
          Ok well aside form the earthquakes, another amazing thing happened.... Kate was baptized yesterday!!!! and she asked me to come back. :) It was such an incredible day. Kate is super sensitive to the spirit and was in tears the whole time. She was SO happy. After she was baptized, I asked her how she felt, and she said "clean, and happy" what more could you ask for? I feel so blessed that I was able to be part of..
          Hermana Diaz, Maria, Me

          Hermana Johnson, Kate, Me at Kate's baptism.
          Kate's story. She has so much faith. She just wants to follow Christ. I remember the first lesson we had with her, she told us that she had been baptized in a Church of Christ because she wanted to do what the elders had taught her back on her island. She didn't know where else to go, so she acted :) Isn't that amazing!? She is going to be an amazing member of the church and will help so many people through her example! I LOVE her.
          Another cool story. So Fernando, who is a recent convert, he got baptized my first week in this area. Shortly after that he lost his job because he told his boss that he could not work on Sundays. Cool huh? :) and he hasn't had a job for almost two months. Then Monday night we got a text and he had found a job!!! He said he knew that God would bless him if he had faith and kept looking. I was amazed. He wanted to be obedient and doing so, he was blessed. This morning I read Mosiah 2, and it's all about keeping the commandments, and that if we do we will be blessed. Verse 22 and 42 are my favorite. They talk about the "blessed and happy state of those who keep the commandments" I know that if we keep Gods commandments, Keep our covenants, God will provide for us spiritually and temporally. I KNOW that this is true. I've seen it in my own life and in the lives of so many people here. The Lord always keeps his promises, always :)
          I love the gospel with all my heart. I know that it's true. I've seen to many miracles to ever doubt it. I love being a missionary. It's the greatest job in the world! I'm so grateful to be here and to have the knowledge that I do :) I love you all so much. Thank you for your love and your prayers. I LOVE YOU THE MOST!
          Kiera lynn   Hermana Wright