Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Her district at the map!
Elder Callister-she was so grateful for him at Mtc
MTC family
Elders in her zone at the beach

She got to see Sister Oldham at the beach that day
she was so happy!!(Comp from the Mtc)
Elder Roberts (zone leader)
Elder Edwards from USU

 I can't believe it's already p-day again! So today was beach p-day! we met with two other zones and went to the beach and played sports and had a great time. California is so beautiful!
Ok I don't have a lot of time, but I have a story. So on Friday we had an appointment with a refferal we had gotten from the elders. So we went there and it was Marco, his daughter Galilea and his friend Ruben. So we talked with them and taught them the restoration and the BOM. and we invited them to be baptized and they said yes. but they didn't come to church yesterday casue of some car problems, but I have faith that they will next week. we also got a ton of refferals from Hermana Arce this week and it's been amazing how awesome it is to have members present in lessons.
The spanish is..... coming. it's been way hard, but it's ok. I love the members. they are all amazing and help so much. My comps are so great and so are the elders in our district. I lovve the all so much. But I miss my MTC family so much. But I did Sister Oldham at the beach today.
Other than not being able to speak and missing home sometimes, Im doig great.
I love you all so much!
hermana wright

Monday, April 22, 2013

Wow, it has been crazy!!!! I can't even describe how overwhelmed I was the first two days! it was so much all at once. Ok so first day we were in meetings and got put with temporary comps. I was with sister Wells and sister oldham!! SO we got to stay together for a day in the feild and it was so nice! SO sister wells is from mesa, and is 21 and is amazing! I love her so much! she has really really good spanish and is a great role model. soi i will learn a lot from her. So we didn't keep sister oldham the next day, but we got sister blair who i knew from the MTC, so we are now a trio. they are both great and we are working really well with each other.
So I am in the Metro zone, Lynwood area/ spanish. Everyone speaks spanish. And where we live, feels like we are in mexico. it's beautiful. Ill take some pics this week.
it's a poor part and sometimes sketch. you hear a siren or police car atleast twice an hour. haha but we are safe :)
I placed a book of mormon my first day out (english) but it was cool. We talk to anyone and everyone we see, and I will have to get used to that.
I have already had so much mexican food! and it's real and I love it! The members have fed us and I love them so mcuh!!!! DAD was right! THe members are amazing! Church was so great yesterday, even though i did not understand a lot I loved it. And because I love the members so much, I want to learn the language! 
I have one experience that I want to share, and ill tell the others later or in hand written letters. So there is one guy named Gary. He is a member and so is his mom and aunt. His mom is from Guatemala, but Gary grew up here and speaks english and spanish. SO he is not active, he's 21 and is so great. We taught him on saturday. So as we were teaching him we were talking about the atonement and he shared that he didn't feel like it was for him or that he was special in that area becasue Jesus suffered for everyone and not just one person. So I was prompted to share some expereinces from my life with the atonement and feeling loved and being forgiven. And this is something that I haven't shared with even you guys. SO i was surprised that thats what the spirit prompted me to say. but I did and that's exactly what he needed. and we also talked about recognizing the spirit and he shared with us his expereience of feeling the spirit, and that when I shared my story, he felt that same feeling again. So i was able to testify that that was the spirit and that his father in heaven loves him so much.
After we left I had this over whelming feeling that i was sent to this area right now for Gary. I knew without a doubt that heavely father loved him so much. After a few really rough days out here, I needed that expereince to show me that I can do this. Cause I admit i was feeling super scared and unsure, but that night changed everything. So im so grateful for that.
I know without a doubt that this church is true. Heavenly father has his hand in all things and nothing is by chance. I know that im supposed to be here and that god has a work for me to do. I love you all so much! thanks for all the love and support. miss you tons!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sister Christensen from St. George
The four Sisters in her district
I think these Elders are friends from college
                                                  Elder McGregor from Saratoga Springs
                                                   (he looks super nervous to stand by her) Ha Ha
Hola Everyone!!!

Wow! I can't not believe this is my last week in the MTC. It's gone by so fast, but at the same time I can't wait to get out of here! This place starts to feel like a prison at times... a very spiritual prison haha, it really is a great place though. So a typical day at the MTC...
I wake up at 6:30 every morning. I have a half hour to get ready, then we have to be in our classroom at 7. We have personal study time until 7:45, and then we head to the cafeteria for breakfast. Class starts at 8:20 every morning. During class we do teaching fundamentals, language lessons, and teaching. Teaching is where we have fake investigators that pretend to be someone else and we leach the lessons. Class gets done at 11:25, and then we have personal study time again. ( this time is usually when we talk and play the coin flipping game haha) Then we have lunch at 12:25. Once we come back from lunch we have TALL. TALL is a language study program online ( it's super hard to stay awake during that time) after that we have language study again. Then class again. We have two teachers, brother durrant (who reminds me so much of dave glover) and brother gilmore ( who is the funniest person alive!!) After that we have dinner at 5:25. then come back and do portal, or more TALL and then planning at 7:30. Then we have gym at 8:10 (my favorite part of the day, besides feeling the spirit) then we get ready for bed, write in our journals, pray and then lights are out at 10:30.
So thats how everyone single day goes. So you can see why im excited to leave. But what will be hard is leaving my district. We have gotten so close, we really are like a family, we spend 13 hours together every day, so we are super close and have so much fun together.
Conference was amazing wasn't it???!!!! I felt like every talk was given for me and that they all were about missionary work! It was a great weekend.
So Brad Hauck left on monday, he got re-assigned to..... Denver South mission!!!! crazy huh! he's still waiting for a visa to Brazil.
I got letters and packages from Yevette Barker! So excited that Austin is there now! Thanks to Yevette for sending that letter, I felt so loved.
I got a package from the Wards today! thank you lilly, landon and layla for the nice notes! I will keep them forever and will try to write you back tonight. And thanks richel for the package :)
I also got a letter from Janessa this week!! It was hilarious and my day!! haha I miss her.
Thank you to everyone for the letters and for the prayers. You really can feel the prayers that are said for you. So thank you!
Well I still love being a missionary! There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that you are helping in the lords work. I am so happy here. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be serving Him. I love the gospel so much and know without a doubt that it's all true. I have learned so much since I've been here, and my testimony has been strengthened. I will always be grateful to the lord for allowing me to help bring his children back to him, and I hope that I can make a positive impression on someone while im out here.
I love you all so much, and miss you too. Thanks again for the letters and prayers! Love you!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sister Wright with her district

                                                         Sister Wright & Sister Cozzens
                                                           cousins together@ the MTC
  1. Sister Wrights first companion Sister Oldham

Kiera wanted me to thank everyone for the letters and packages she has received. She will try and write letter to each of you this week. She said it makes her day to hear from everyone, thanks so much for your love and support. Gentry
Hola Everyone!
Wow, I can't believe it's already p-day again. The days are sooooooo long, but the weeks are short. Only two more weeks here in the MTC, it's said that we get our travel plans on friday!!!! That is crazy!
So in this last week, we have had two days of no english!!!! That was so hard. And i'm pretty sure I just made up half the words I said anyways, so it was more like I was speaking spanglish. But it made me realize that I only know how to speak 'church spanish' not real spanish. So that's a goal of ours to learn more common words and start using them.
This week I saw Mariel Lee, Mason Paxman, Sam Harris, and Liz Ricks!! So cool to see them all.
Hermana Oldham wasn't feeling good last weekend so I ended up staying in the residency with a lot of down time. But it ended up being really good for me, I learned a lot from my scriptures.
So Easter in the MTC was amazing! It truly is a once in a life time opportunity because all 3000 of us take the sacrament together. I can't even describe the spirit that was there. It was truly incredible. And our speakers that day was the presiding bishop of the church and his wife. They were amaizng! And it was a beautiful day here too!!! A perfect easter morning, so that day was just awesome.
The last few days I've been really struggling with various things. I got the point where I just felt like I needed more help. So I asked Elder Rios and Elder Callister is they would give me a blessing. It was amazing. Elder Rios said things and mentioned other things that no one knows about, and that were the things I needed to hear. After the blessing I felt whole again, and it just strengthend my testimony in the power of the priesthood. I know that it's real and it can change lives. Im so grateful for these two elders for being worthy and willing to give that blessing.
The church is true!!!! There is no doubt of it. Our heavenly father loves us and jesus christ died for us and now lives today! I love the gospel and I love being a missionary.
Thanks to everyone for all the love and support. I love and miss you all so much!! But I am the happiest i've been!
love, kiera/ hermana wright