Monday, April 22, 2013

Wow, it has been crazy!!!! I can't even describe how overwhelmed I was the first two days! it was so much all at once. Ok so first day we were in meetings and got put with temporary comps. I was with sister Wells and sister oldham!! SO we got to stay together for a day in the feild and it was so nice! SO sister wells is from mesa, and is 21 and is amazing! I love her so much! she has really really good spanish and is a great role model. soi i will learn a lot from her. So we didn't keep sister oldham the next day, but we got sister blair who i knew from the MTC, so we are now a trio. they are both great and we are working really well with each other.
So I am in the Metro zone, Lynwood area/ spanish. Everyone speaks spanish. And where we live, feels like we are in mexico. it's beautiful. Ill take some pics this week.
it's a poor part and sometimes sketch. you hear a siren or police car atleast twice an hour. haha but we are safe :)
I placed a book of mormon my first day out (english) but it was cool. We talk to anyone and everyone we see, and I will have to get used to that.
I have already had so much mexican food! and it's real and I love it! The members have fed us and I love them so mcuh!!!! DAD was right! THe members are amazing! Church was so great yesterday, even though i did not understand a lot I loved it. And because I love the members so much, I want to learn the language! 
I have one experience that I want to share, and ill tell the others later or in hand written letters. So there is one guy named Gary. He is a member and so is his mom and aunt. His mom is from Guatemala, but Gary grew up here and speaks english and spanish. SO he is not active, he's 21 and is so great. We taught him on saturday. So as we were teaching him we were talking about the atonement and he shared that he didn't feel like it was for him or that he was special in that area becasue Jesus suffered for everyone and not just one person. So I was prompted to share some expereinces from my life with the atonement and feeling loved and being forgiven. And this is something that I haven't shared with even you guys. SO i was surprised that thats what the spirit prompted me to say. but I did and that's exactly what he needed. and we also talked about recognizing the spirit and he shared with us his expereience of feeling the spirit, and that when I shared my story, he felt that same feeling again. So i was able to testify that that was the spirit and that his father in heaven loves him so much.
After we left I had this over whelming feeling that i was sent to this area right now for Gary. I knew without a doubt that heavely father loved him so much. After a few really rough days out here, I needed that expereince to show me that I can do this. Cause I admit i was feeling super scared and unsure, but that night changed everything. So im so grateful for that.
I know without a doubt that this church is true. Heavenly father has his hand in all things and nothing is by chance. I know that im supposed to be here and that god has a work for me to do. I love you all so much! thanks for all the love and support. miss you tons!

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