Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Well I hope everyone is as excited about missionary work as I am now!!! That broadcast was amazing!!! I loved every minute of it, it no one got to watch it, ask someone who did cause every member of the church needs to know what was said! :)
So this week some great things happened.
To start, Edurado dropped us. It was sad and hard, but he says he's happy and he says he knows it's what God wants for him... I don't know what God he's praying to... cause I think he'd be saying the opposite and that he needs the gospel....? But ya, it happened.
Next, we got to go to the VC with Ana (investigator) and Julio (her member husband) and it was awesome. But then we came to church the next day, and ana pulled us aside and said her and julio talked and that they are going to seperate and get a divorce... so she wanted to get baptized as soon as possible. Ya we didnt' know what to think. So we went to their place last night and Surprise! they aren't seperating and they love each other and are going to work out their problems. Haha oh man it was a great expereince.
So ya that's what happened this week.
I love and miss you all tons, sorry my letters aren't that great, i'll write you a better hand written one next week :) I love you all and miss you so much. And everyone go out and help talk to people to help the missionaries!! We really can't do this without you!
Love you so much and miss you like crazy!
Kiera :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hola :)
Ok so some not so great stuff happened with our investigators this week :( First off, Martha. We met her "friend" that she is taking care of and he is so rude. He treats herso bad. and I guess he told her that he won't marry her, even if she gets a divorce, and so if she wants to get baptized she has to get out! and they own the house together, and thats where her sons lives and she has her cute little garden. and he was really rude to us, and it breaks my heartt because she knows it's true and wants it so bad. It kind makes me mad, but im trying to have patience and faith...
Next is eduardo. He told us on that he was going to the catholic church yesterday and after he would decide which church he wants to go to. We still haven't heard back from him :(
But good things happened too, like our district had a baptism. Hna Manzo got baptized and I got to help her in the back by the font. it was an awesome experience! We also did the musical number. We sang joseph smiths first prayer to the tune of come thou fount, and i sang a solo the first first. and guess what... I said the word for "bee" (abeja) wrong and it was a little embarrassing, but im over it. then me and elder dunn sang the second verse, and then we all came in for the last first. It was really pretty :)
This last week in district meeting I did the training! and after, elder reeves said it was one of the best he's ever seen! and he's been out for 20 months! So that was cool :)
Ya i can't really think of anything else. But I love you all so much! thank you for the letters and the love :) miss you tons

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

She found her street:]

Ty sent Kiera the Lorax mustache( it was their favorite

Hola Hola
So I just e-mailed like 4 days ago, so there's only few things that have happened.
First, I got your package!!! Thank you so much! That was so much fun to open and I'm so excited for the granola!
So this last weekend we had exchanges. I went up to Hollywood for a day with sister Lopez Pech, and sister Blair stayed in lynwood with sister snyder. So sister Lopez pech is 23, she's from Mexico City, and I love her! I learned so much from her. I got some great teaching ideas, and had a great experience. Hollywood is SO different from lynwood, but I loved it. The members are just as great and so are the other missionaries. Sister oldham is actually living with sister lopez pech so i got to talk to her and catch up a bit. It's was so fun. Sister lopez pech made arroz con leche, so yummy! Oh, I had to drive up to Hollywood, because she doesn't drive, and it was crazy. Traffic here is just... I dont' even know what! It's just crazy. But we made it safe and sound :) But while we were driving from the sisters apartment to the VC.
So success story is that Martha came to the VC on saturday!!! and she brought her son Oscar.She loved it and want's to go to the temple someday. I want her to get baptized, but her situation hasn't changed. so it will take time, but I think it will happen.
And yesterday we went and taught gary. Usually we go on saturday, but we were in santa monica. So we went over and talked about the priesthood. He loves that he'll be able to hold it soon. So the lesson was good. But when we got home, he texted us and said "thanks for coming over and visiting me, I knew there was something missing in my week, adn it was the spirit. Every time you guys come over I feel the spirit, and I feel bad when I don't do the things you asked me to."
That was the greatest text ever!!! Becasue he can recognize the difference. So I hope he willl start reading every day and not just 3 times a week. :)
Well that's all can think of for now. But I love you all so much and I'm so grateful for all of you and all you do for me. love you tons