Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sister Wright walked to the edge of her zone
on her birthday and found the
beach!! Happy day:)

Hey everyone!

Wow so this week was full of a lot of things. Some good, some... not so good. 
To start, last monday we were playing sports, I was playing soccer... hurt my knee and ankle. Not so good. But I walked it off the best I could, and then we played football and guess who scored two touchdowns and got tackled to the ground by her companion... ME. Haha it was a perfect pass thrown by Quarterback Beecher, I caught it, made flag run into the end zone and then, after the play was over, my companion jumped on me and took me to the ground!!! the elders got a pretty good laugh out of it, I laughed too :) It was pretty funny, but I do have a big bruise on my arm... she's a rugby player. :)
Tuesday, We had our interview with Elder Beecher and Billy for his baptism. We had decided before hand that we were going to wait another week, so that Billy could be off of smoking for a bit longer. So when they came out, they both seemed good, and it seemed to go great. But then when I asked Billy about it, he said he thinks he can do it this week. But we really thought he needed to wait. SO he starts talking to sister Uele in Tongan about it, and elder Beecher and Elder Nelson started talking to me in spanish about it. Lets just say, it was a very confusing hour, and it ended with us going into another room with Billy and Tina and kneeling down and praying about it. And after the prayer, we got up, and all knew and felt that he could do it this week. So BILLY GOT BAPTIZED YESTERDAY! 
There were so many people there, and they were ALL Tongan! So it was big, and loud, and yes after the baptism there was a feast, complete with a full roasted pig. It was a party. But everything went great. Billy bore his testimony after and talked about the changes he's gone through and how when he came up out of the water, he felt different, he knows this is the right path. 
It was so incredible to hear. After there was another baptism from our spanish ward from elder Beecher and elder Nelson. We did the missionary moment for that baptism, then went back to the party :) It was an awesome day :)
Sister Uele, Billy, Tina, Sister Wright
Bishop Fie'aki, Sister Uele, Billy, Sister Wright

Well I've written way to much. But I love you all so much! Thanks for everything. and Ty and avery, thank you for your letters!!! I will write back soon. love you tons!!

kiera lynn

Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 20th, 2013
Hey everyone!

Ok so this week was kinda of awesome! First off... Joseph got baptized! I got to go back up to Hollywood and be there for the baptism. It was the best feeling in the world. He was so happy and the spirit was there so strong. Me, Sister Warner and Elder Roberts and his comp sang, "If the Savior stood beside me." it was so beautiful. Everything went so well. It was an awesome experience. And we found out that Josephs dad, is taking the lessons from the missionaries!!!! So awesome. And I know Jackie will happen soon. She's just gotta convince Walter to marry her :)

Billy was also incredible. His family kicked him out, and he is sleeping in the car. They are West Sanili, which is a christian church in Tonga, and they are not happy that he is getting baptized. He's really struggled with it. In our lesson yesterday, we started crying and just walked out. But when he came back in, he told us everything that was going on, but how he knows this is what he needs to do. He says he owes everything to Tina, and that he knows she's supposed to be his eternal companion. It was such an awesome lesson. He is very strong and has been a great example for me.

We taught Ariel this week. She is also form YSA. She was raised with no concept of God, and is a physics major. So she has a lot of deep questions and just wants straight up answers. She doesn't really get the faith part, its hard for her to believe in something she can't have proof of. But we are working with her. :)

We also saw Hno Flores twice this week. He is just like hno. Marroquin. He's been taught for years, but won't get baptized. But we decided to just go over for 20 minutes three times a week and read the book of mormon with him, cause he won't read on his own. He doesn't believe in the 1st vision. So we are going to try this and see how it goes.

But ya, I'm loving my area more and more, I just really miss my bike!!!!! But it's ok, i'm learning to eat better.... kinda. I've actually lost weight if you can believe that. 
But I love you all tons. Thanks for everything you do for me! I love you the most!

October 14th, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Ok well this last week was really good. Had some rough spots, but was good.
So to start out. On my birthday (last Tuesday) It was a normal day, trying to track down less actives and what not. But to do that, we went to the very edge of our area which is.... the beach!!!!!! It was so beautiful!!! So I got to go to the Beach for my birthday!!!! Then we went to the Viarruel's (a couple who are recent converts of about 5 weeks) for dinner. But When I walked in, the Vasquez family was there, the Cruz family, Ernesto, and Elder Beecher and Elder Nelson!! They had a party for me! haha I was so surprised! We started with a little FHE lesson watching a mormon message, then ate. And they made my favorite, tacos de papa!!! they were so good! Then they brought out this cake that had "Happy Birhtday Sister Wright" written on it! It was Three layers, tres leches, chocolate, and flan. SO GOOD! Then each of the families had gotten me a present! I got some T-shirts, body spray, lotion, chocolates and more. They best gift was from Elder Beecher and Elder Nelson tho. They got me, dark chocolate, peanut butter M&M's, dog stickers, jesus stickers, "I love my mission" stickers, candy corn, a mormon.org card, trail mix, cookies, something from their 72 hour kit, an Altoids can with crayons in it, tissues that say "you had me at achoo", aftershave, and a card. I. was. DYING. haha so was everyone else. It was so funny. And the card really was so sweet :) So I had an amazing birthday! I am so grateful for the amazing people that are here. They hardly know me, but were so loving. It meant so much to me.

Ok so cool story. We taught Billy and Tina this week again and we taught the Word of Wisdom. Both of them have problems with smoking and Billy drinks too. So we committed them thursday night. Then we met with them after church yesterday. we followed up on how everything was going, and Billy told us this. " After our lesson with you guys thursday, we went to a BBQ with a bunch of friends and there was drinking of course. And evryone kept offering me a drink, and kept offering and kept offering. I got really annoyed and irritated at how hard it was to keep saying no over and over again. And again, someone offered me a drink, and I hesitated. I looked at Tina, looked at the drink, back at Tina, then thought of the missionaries. and I turned it down. Right after I turned it down, I felt this little feeling of peace. and knew I had made the right choice."
So amazing right!!! Billy is incredible. He wan't to be baptized so bad. He is already a member. He comes to FHE, church, and loves learning. I'm feel so blessed to know both of them. 

Another cool story. We called a bunch of people in our area book this last week. Less actives, formers, and investigators, just trying to update everything. And we called this one Tongan guy, a former, his name is Leka. He answered but said he was busy and would call us back later. But he didn't of course :) but guess who came to church on sunday..... Leka!  We didn't know what he looked like, so we didn't say anything to him all of sacrament of sunday school, we thought he was a friend of Rudy's. So he talked to the old branch president and said "I don't think the sisters know who I am". so the branch pres came and got us and we met him. haha we set up a time to meet with him this week. he wants to learn more. It was so crazy, but so incredible. 

Ok last thing.... Joseph is getting baptized this coming saturday. so excited!!!! I guess his dad came up from Glendale, and met with the sisters and signed the paper! And joseph wants me to sing at his baptism, so I get to go back!

Well family I love you tons. I miss you a lot! I pray for you every night. Before you know it, we'll all be back home together, can we believe It's already October!! So crazy. Well love you tons!

kiera lynn

Monday, October 7, 2013

                                                 Sister Warner-Jackie-Sister Wright
Hi everyone,

October 7th, 2013 Central Zone
Well I'm in a new area and it's...... new. It's totally different! But It's good.
My comp is Sister Uele, she is from Tonga, Speaks english too and is learning spanish. She has been out 5 months. Her Spanish isn't the greatest, so my spanish carries us through. Which is good, i'm speaking a lot more, so I think it will help.
Um haven't really gotten to know either of the wards because of conference, but I'm sure they are great.
We had one really amazing lesson with Billy. He is from the YSA ward. His girlfriend (Tina) is a member but a less active who just started coming back to church. We taught him the gospel of Christ and the Book of mormon. He said he would read the BOM and that he wanted to get baptized. So his date is the 27th, but we aren't sure if we'll be able to keep teaching him because he lives down in longbeach and there is already a YSA down there. So we have to get special permission. So we'll see about that. But he is amazing and is so prepared. He told us about his backround and all the stuff he's been through, and he really is amazing. Plus it helped that Sister Uele's parents were in the exact same situation as him and Tina are. So that was super powerful.

What else.... oh! I MISS MY BIKE SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well that's all I can think of. Sorry it's so short. But I hope everyone is doing well. Thank you for all the birthday wishes!
I love you so much!

kiera lynn
October 1st, 2013
Hi everyone :)

Well to start out, I am getting transferred! I am going to Central Zone, I'm going to be in Inglewood 2nd ward (spanish), and also the YSA ward. I'm in a car, senior companion, and my new comps name is Sister Uele.
So ya. Lot's of change but it is going to be so good. I've never done YSA, so that should be interesting. I also hear that the spanish ward i'm going to is really awesome, so i;m excited about that.

Alright, this week feels like a blur to be honest. Last monday was Josephs birhtday, so we went over and had pumpkin pie and a little party. It was a lot of fun. Jackie told me that she is going to move to utah and sell houses with my dad :) haha she is crazy but I love her so much!
We had the most amazing lesson with Roberto this week. We taught the Plan of Salvation, but he basically taught us. He agrees with everything, and loves the doctrine. I've never seen anyone more prepared than him. But we got sad news. He had to go back to mexico until January. He left this morning. So he won't be getting baptized next week. But it's ok. I know he will get baptized down there :) so all is well.
We had a Carne Asada with the ward missionaries and the full time missionaries. It was so much fun, except we got a call from president right in the middle of it, and found out that sister Warner is training. So I knew I was leaving since Saturday. SO we were a little sad that night. But it was good to find out because i've been able to say bye to everyone before hand. Saying goodbye to the marroquins was probably the hardest. Hermana just started crying and she kept saying "no, no" it was so sad. Anna didn't take it very well either. But I know I'll keep in touch with all of them. Its just hard to leave so many people that you love.
Well that is all I can remember. Say a little prayer for me that my companion is normal. haha just kidding, she'll be great.
I love you all so much. Thanks for everything!

Kiera lynn
September 15th, 2013
Hi Family!
Wow I can't believe it's half way through September already! It's goes by so fast... some days ;)

Well to start out I want to tell you about the English Class. I love the English Class!!!! I teach the advanced class and I love it so much. From the Class, we have gotten SO many referrals, and our ward has three or four new investigators from the Class, and all of them came to the Hispanidad on Saturday! And three came to church the next day! This class is going to help us find those people who are ready for the gospel and for baptism. I love it, and I never want to leave here!

So The Hispanidad was so much fun! We were there ALL day! But it's fine, because we had so many non members come and we got to do a lot of missionary work. Our Zone Leaders, Elder Boyd and Elder DePalo, did a church tour with Max (from english class) and set a baptismal date with him after the tour!!!!!!!!! It was amazing. and then we had roberto there, and he took a book of mormon and asked us when we could teach him more!!!!!! So cool. He's going to get baptized :)
There was also tons of food there!!! From all different countries. Honduras, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, and PERU!!! The Food was amazing!!!! I love Preu so much, and their dance was way cool. I also love El Salvador :) So ya, it was a really fun day, and we saw so much success out of it.
Me and Sister Warner are doing GREAT! I love her so much. We have a lot of fun every day when we almost die on our bikes, or when we get stopped by drunk people, or when we are eating an "awesome" meal :) haha She is really great.
We had a really cool experience with our mission president this last week too. He pulled me and Sister Warner out before the meeting started. He told us thank you for a couple things that happened a week ago, and just told us that he loves us so much and is so proud of the work we are doing. he said he trusts us more than any other sister in the mission, and that he could give us any situation to handle. He was pretty emotional, and of course so were we. It was just so cool to hear that he does trust us and is proud of us. He said that we are truly becoming the people we wan to be at the end of missions, and becoming the people the lord wants us to be. I love President Weidman so much. He is truly called of God and I feel very blessed to have him as my mission president.
Well that is all can remember :) Hope everyone has a great week. I love you all tons!

kiera lynn

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hi everyone :)

Ok this week went by so fast that I can't even remember what happened. 

We had a lesson with Roberto this week, and he is the classiest Mexican I have ever seen! He wears hollister, has ray band glasses, and his hair is silvered. haha he's so sophisticated :) and he loves the church! We set a baptismal date with him. He came to church yesterday and was at English class. He is awesome :)
We also met with Jackie and Joseph twice this week. We had kind of a rough lesson with them on monday. Josephs dad is not supportive at all of him being in the church, so he wouldn't sign the permission form. So it may take a while for him to get baptized. Jackie too. Her and Walter aren't married... But it's ok, cause they love the church. They know it's true, it's just going to take some time. We went up the VC with them last night for a fireside about the book of moromn, and it was really good. But the ride there and back was even better! Jackie is a HOOT! SHe kept making up stories about me and sister Warner and we were just dying of laughter.You will all get to meet her because she promised to come to utah and visit me :) she has family that's there too I think. Anyway, you will just die because she is so funny :) She calls me and sister warner her daughters and her angles. Last night on our way home, we drove by "Babylonia stuff" and she said "I'm going to write your parents and tell them that you are out in west hollywood at night" and we said it would be her fault cause she's driving and his the oldest. so she said "ok i'll also tell them that they are with and innocent old lady who doesn't know anything" haha she is the best :) 
Ok that was kind of a bunch of nothing, but it was really funny. 
We had a really amazing lesson with Hna Chicas. She told us EVERTHING. It was so sad to hear her life story. I just sat there in amazement nd left heart broken. She is incredible tho,just needs to come back to church. 
Well I can't really remember anything else, so That's it :) I love you all so much! Thanks for all you do and for being the best :) LOVE YOU

kera lynn