Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014
Wow I can't believe we are half way through April!!! I think I'm stuck in January! haha But I love the spring time, and I can only imagine  how beautiful it is in Utah right now, especially Logan, I miss that place!
Well this last week was awesome! We were able to go to the Visitors Center twice! The first time we went with Rosa and her two kids, Jayline and Eric. We focused on families and the Temple. They loved it! Jayline is 9 and she wanted to stay there all day! Eric is 13 and doesn't say much, but I know he liked it. And Rosa loved it too. She wants this for her family so bad. She just needs to make the time for it and read the Book of Mormon, but I love this family. They are amazing and so much fun.
We also went with Edgar to the Visitors Center. We focused on the Restoration. We watched the hour long Joseph Smith movie. By the end of it, both my companion and Hno. Romero were crying to much that they couldn't talk, so I had to try and spit out some words through my own tears. It was very powerful. I've seen this movies at least 25 times, and every time I do, I just know that he was a prophet and that the church is true. I'm so grateful for the Visitors Center. It is a beautiful place and has such a special spirit.
We also had a ward activity on Saturday for Easter, and Edgar came with his grandkids and wife!!!!! Well his friend, cause they aren't married. But she came. that was huge! I hope she will open up and listen to us. We need her so Edgar can be baptized, and he wants to be baptized so bad. Sometimes this co-habitating thing really gets old... :) but blessings come from living the commandments :) the activity was really great, I got very sunburnt and my neck hurts! haha I am so white, and everyone at the activity was not afraid to tell me that.
And yesterday was a beautiful Easter Day. I love the Savior. Our Bishop spoke and talked about Sacrifice. The question he asked was "can we really sacrifice something that isn't ours?" Like our money and tithing. Is it really our money in the first place? No. It's the Lords. Can we really sacrifice our time to go do home teaching or serve a mission? No. It's not our time either. It's the Lords. Sometimes we got so caught up in the sacrifices we make to do our callings, be with family, or be members of the church. But it's not really sacrifice when it doesn't belong to us in the first place. The time and things that we are given here, all belong to the Lord and we need to treat them as such. We need to live every commandment and do our best to help others do the same. This is how we repay the Lord for his countless blessings and tender mercies.
I know that my Savior lives. I know that he suffered for all of us and gave His life on the cross. Then three days later he was resurrected and because of this, we can now live again as well. I love the gospel with all my heart. I hope we can be better at willingly "sacrificing" everything to the Lord. I love you all so much! T

hanks for all the Love and Support! I LOVE YOU THE MOST!
Hermana Wright    Kiera :)
Well today is just gorgeous here in sunny California :) This is the best time of the year here in my opinion, even tho the nights can be chilly. :)
Well I honestly don't know where this week went. It went by super fast. But we had some cool things happen this week.
So Edgar (one of our investigators) wants to get baptized, but he is not married to his senora, so there is a problem. And this women wouldn't even look at us. So we told Edger to pray everyday to know what to do about the situation. We had a lesson with him Friday morning and it went well. Then at the end of the lesson, he told us to come into the kitchen and we were able to meet his woman, and she talked to us!!! She told us that we were welcomed there anytime! I was a little shocked. We invited her to church, and she said she would think about it. She didn't come yesterday, but it was amaizng to see how her heart had been sofented just a little bit. I really hope that she will be open to listening to the lessons now.
We also had a family home evening with the Daza family. Hna Daza is my best friend and I love her! Her husband is less active, so that is why we had an FHE with them. It was really good. I hope that we'll be abe to help Hno Daza see the importance of the gospel for his family.
Then this weekend we got another mini missionary!  It was a lot of fun. Her name was Paloma and she 17 and a convert. She did not want to come at first, but by the time we dropped her off, she said that she had loved it and learned so much. I hope that she will go on a mission. I wish that for everyoen actually. It's the best thing in the whole world :)
Well I hope everyone had a great week and that you have a great one to come. Thought
Paloma, Hermana Diaz and Me!
for the week is don't get angry. I read Mosiah 19-21 today, and so many people died because someone got angry and couldn't communicate. Anger is not of the Lord, it makes us do irrational things and say stuff we don't mean. It's better to handle everything with love. Take a 2 min break, count to 10, or walk away, but don't get angry. The emotional part of our brain reacts way faster than the rational part, so give your brain time to think :)
I love you all so much. thanks for all the love and support. :) I LOVE YOU THE MOST
Kiera lynn   Hermana Wright

Apr 7
Hey Everyone!
Well I hope Conference was as amazing for all of you as it was for me. I felt like a little kid at Christmas time to be honest. Earlier last week, I had written down the questions I had been thinking about for the last couple weeks, in total I had nine questions written down. By the end of Confernce yesterday, all nine of them had been answered! It was blessing and an answer to my prayers! I love Conference!
This week we had a lesson with this girl named Cathryn. She has been coming to our english classes and we were finally able to set up an appointmet with her. She is 22, from Guatemala, and has only been here for 2 months. Her brother was a member of the church but passed away a couple years ago. He never really said anything to her about the church. She is super quiet, and doesn't say much, so it was hard to tell what she thought about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. But the spirit was there, so we can only hope that she'll read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. We set up another apaiontment with her for this week.
Yesterday, after conference we went to the Visitors Center with Marco and Hermano Romero. It was awesome! Marco knew and understood way more about the Restoration than me and hna Diaz gave him credit for. I was glad he had understood. We were able to watch a video about the family with him and God's plan for the family in this life. It hit Marco really hard. He said that after watching it, he knew he needed to change and be better for his son. Then we walked around to the front of the temple with him and told him about how special the temple is. There was a sweet spirit there. I hope and pray that Marco will remember that special spirit. Please keep him in your paryers. He needs to stop drinking and come to church.
Well I don't rememebr what else happened.... this week went by super fast! But I do know that I love my mission! I love being a missionary! The Lord has blessed us so much. we have a living prophet! We don't have to guess or worry about what we should do, we just have to listen and follow. I know it's easier said than done, but it is possible and it is worth it :) I hope you all have plans on how you are going to apply the things you have learned in conference to your personal lives, your marriage, callings, and relationships. It does us no good to learn and gain a bunch of knowledge, and then do nothing with it. We must live what we learn, and that is when we will begin to see the change in ourselves and in our families.
I love you all so much! Thank you for the love and support. I LOVE YOU THE MOST!
Hermana Wright/ Kiera

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mar 31 at 2:00 PM
Hi :)
Just so everyone knows, I am safe and alive after  the earthquakes :) haha! We did feel them and it was super cool!!!! But no damage around where I am. They are expecting more, but we'll see what happens.
Ok well aside form the earthquakes, another amazing thing happened.... Kate was baptized yesterday!!!! and she asked me to come back. :) It was such an incredible day. Kate is super sensitive to the spirit and was in tears the whole time. She was SO happy. After she was baptized, I asked her how she felt, and she said "clean, and happy" what more could you ask for? I feel so blessed that I was able to be part of..
Hermana Diaz, Maria, Me

Hermana Johnson, Kate, Me at Kate's baptism.
Kate's story. She has so much faith. She just wants to follow Christ. I remember the first lesson we had with her, she told us that she had been baptized in a Church of Christ because she wanted to do what the elders had taught her back on her island. She didn't know where else to go, so she acted :) Isn't that amazing!? She is going to be an amazing member of the church and will help so many people through her example! I LOVE her.
Another cool story. So Fernando, who is a recent convert, he got baptized my first week in this area. Shortly after that he lost his job because he told his boss that he could not work on Sundays. Cool huh? :) and he hasn't had a job for almost two months. Then Monday night we got a text and he had found a job!!! He said he knew that God would bless him if he had faith and kept looking. I was amazed. He wanted to be obedient and doing so, he was blessed. This morning I read Mosiah 2, and it's all about keeping the commandments, and that if we do we will be blessed. Verse 22 and 42 are my favorite. They talk about the "blessed and happy state of those who keep the commandments" I know that if we keep Gods commandments, Keep our covenants, God will provide for us spiritually and temporally. I KNOW that this is true. I've seen it in my own life and in the lives of so many people here. The Lord always keeps his promises, always :)
I love the gospel with all my heart. I know that it's true. I've seen to many miracles to ever doubt it. I love being a missionary. It's the greatest job in the world! I'm so grateful to be here and to have the knowledge that I do :) I love you all so much. Thank you for your love and your prayers. I LOVE YOU THE MOST!
Kiera lynn   Hermana Wright

Mar 24
Ok so I have a new companion! Her name is Hermana Diaz and she is from Honduras. She came to the United States when she was 12, and has lived in New Jersey since then. She is 26, but when you see a picture of her, you won't believe it! She looks super young :) She is just awsome and I love her.
So this week was just different. We had a bunch of new trainings and meetings to start off the new transfer and Sister Diaz had new meetings too. So we were in a lot of meetings! But this weekend we got another mini missionary ! She was great. Her name was Maria. She's form El Salvador and has only been here for two years, so she spoke very little english. So I spoke more spanish this weekend than I ever have before, which is good cause I need the help.
Edgar came to church yeaterday! He loves it, and tells everyone that he's getting baptized, He really is so prepared, he just loves life so much. He a great example of how to love every day and smell the roses type stuff :)
On Saturday after LA English class, our ward mission leader, Hermano Romero, who is from Peru (so I love him), took us all out to eat to a Peruvian Buffet!!! Oh my goodness it was so good! Hands down, they have my favorite foods! I was so happy. Oh and just so everyone knows, Peruvians make the best Chinese food... true story :)
I really don't knwo what else happened this week, it went by really fast! But it was good. One thing I realized this week is that God is going to judge us on who we have become, not who we were or what we did. And I am so grateful for that! I know that it's true. I love you all so much. I hope you have a great week! I LOVE YOU THE MOST!
Hermana Wright
Kiera lynn