Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014
Wow I can't believe we are half way through April!!! I think I'm stuck in January! haha But I love the spring time, and I can only imagine  how beautiful it is in Utah right now, especially Logan, I miss that place!
Well this last week was awesome! We were able to go to the Visitors Center twice! The first time we went with Rosa and her two kids, Jayline and Eric. We focused on families and the Temple. They loved it! Jayline is 9 and she wanted to stay there all day! Eric is 13 and doesn't say much, but I know he liked it. And Rosa loved it too. She wants this for her family so bad. She just needs to make the time for it and read the Book of Mormon, but I love this family. They are amazing and so much fun.
We also went with Edgar to the Visitors Center. We focused on the Restoration. We watched the hour long Joseph Smith movie. By the end of it, both my companion and Hno. Romero were crying to much that they couldn't talk, so I had to try and spit out some words through my own tears. It was very powerful. I've seen this movies at least 25 times, and every time I do, I just know that he was a prophet and that the church is true. I'm so grateful for the Visitors Center. It is a beautiful place and has such a special spirit.
We also had a ward activity on Saturday for Easter, and Edgar came with his grandkids and wife!!!!! Well his friend, cause they aren't married. But she came. that was huge! I hope she will open up and listen to us. We need her so Edgar can be baptized, and he wants to be baptized so bad. Sometimes this co-habitating thing really gets old... :) but blessings come from living the commandments :) the activity was really great, I got very sunburnt and my neck hurts! haha I am so white, and everyone at the activity was not afraid to tell me that.
And yesterday was a beautiful Easter Day. I love the Savior. Our Bishop spoke and talked about Sacrifice. The question he asked was "can we really sacrifice something that isn't ours?" Like our money and tithing. Is it really our money in the first place? No. It's the Lords. Can we really sacrifice our time to go do home teaching or serve a mission? No. It's not our time either. It's the Lords. Sometimes we got so caught up in the sacrifices we make to do our callings, be with family, or be members of the church. But it's not really sacrifice when it doesn't belong to us in the first place. The time and things that we are given here, all belong to the Lord and we need to treat them as such. We need to live every commandment and do our best to help others do the same. This is how we repay the Lord for his countless blessings and tender mercies.
I know that my Savior lives. I know that he suffered for all of us and gave His life on the cross. Then three days later he was resurrected and because of this, we can now live again as well. I love the gospel with all my heart. I hope we can be better at willingly "sacrificing" everything to the Lord. I love you all so much! T

hanks for all the Love and Support! I LOVE YOU THE MOST!
Hermana Wright    Kiera :)

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