Monday, August 5, 2013

Ok everyone this week was beyond awesome! But lets start at the begining. So we did service with Anna this week. Their house got fumigated, cause they had all kinds of bugs and gross things. So we went and helped put everything in bags and clean.
We had tons of lesson this week! It was awesome. We go to meet with the familia Chicas (a less active family) and Hermana Chicas invited her vecino Esmerelda over who is not a member! SO we got to talk to her and set up a time to come back and teach her and her family, which we are doing tonight. We also got to meet with Jackie and Joseph this week, and we set a baptismal date with Joseph (he's 11) and Jackie wants to get baptized too, she just didn't want a date, but we are going to try and set one tonight. And Jackie came to church yesterday and the lessons taught the word of wisdom, and Jackie didn't understand why tea and coffe were bad. They explained, and then I handed her D&C 89 and she read over it, then looked at us, gave us a thumbs up and said this is good! haha she's awesome!
Speaking of church.... yesterday was the best day of my mission so far. So it was fast sunday, and everyone is bearing their testimonies and it was super powerful. Then bishop starts to get up to close the meeting, when Hno Marroquin walks up to the stand... and he talked about how it has been 15 years that he's been coming to church and that his family has been members. He joked about how everyone always always asks him when he's going to get baptized, and he said, now is the time. I know that church in true and im ready. He thanked his family for their patience and then he looked at me and sister oldham and said "and thank you to MY missionaries Hermana Oldham and Hermana Wright" Then he thanked the ward and bishop then sat down.
I was sobbing. Sister oldham was sobbing. Hermana Marroquin was sobbing. The whole ward was just crying. It was the most amazing thing. I have literally never felt so much love in my life. The spirit was there so strong and at that moment, everything was worth it. being away from the family, learning the language, the disappointments, everything!! It's all worth it. I love Hno marroquin so much and I love his familly. And now they will get to be an eternal family one year from now, and that is the greatest part. This is why they call this the best 2 years of your life, for these moments. There aren't very many of them, but they make it all worth it!
So pretty much the best surprise ever! We are going over tomorrow to set the date. Hopefully it's soon :)
But now to the sad stuff. Me and sister oldham got a call this morning from president, and Sister Oldahm is getting ET (emergency transfered). She leaves tonight and is going to Lynwood, right where I just came from.  Sister Warner is coming up here with me. We don't know what happened for there to be ETs, but we are just going to move forward with faith and trust that this is what needs to happen. I am so sad to be leaving sister Oldham, and that she has to leave right when we are having success. But I know she will love lynwood just like I did. I am a little nervous for what will happen up here, but im sure all will be fine :)
That is all I got for this week. Hope you are all doing well. I love you and miss you all so much! thanks for all the love and support!