Monday, June 16, 2014

Hey family and friends!
Well this week was a blurr to be honest. I cant remember what was this week or last month! it's all mushed together.
But we did have a couple of awesome experiences. We had found a guy last week named Omar who came to our english class and we taught him after class then set up a time to meet with him again. We went and saw him on tuesday and we taught the restoration and it went super good! Then we taught him how to pray and had him say the closing prayer. He paused for a long time in the middle of his prayer, and then ended. We asked how he felt and he told us that while he was praying he felt something really strong. He said he couldn't describe it but that it was more than peace, more than just calm or happy, and it was strong. So me and Sister Young were able to testify to him that he had felt the spirit. We could feel it too. We met with him the next night with a couple of members, and invited him to be baptized, and he accepted! He is going to have a hard time getting work off for church on Sunday's, but we are going to work with him on that.
Also this week we found a woman, and taught her just a littlle bit about the blessings that come from the gospel, and she came to church on sunday with her two little boys! It was so exciting to have her be at church and feel the spirit.
We had a great week. I can't really remember anything else that happened, but it was good.
This week I read the 2000 stripling warriors story and it stuck out to me. I love this story. I think most people do, and it's a familiar one that we all know. What stuck out this time is that even tho all these boys were saved and not one was slain, there was also not one of them that didn't have many wounds. It showed me that everyone is going to have wounds in this life. whether it's mistakes that we've made, others that have hurt us, bad habits, or just the everyday things that come with living in this world, no one is going to make it out without having gotten some wounds. But that is what is so beautiful about this story, none of them were slain, because they put their trust in God. Just like these young men, if we put our trust in God, we will be able to have the full blessing of the Atonement heal us form our wounds and we will be saved. There is always hope. When we trust God and turn our lives over to him, there is always hope to be better, to start over, and to be happy. I know that the Savior died for that exact reason. So that we can be happy and be made clean. I know that he lives. I have felt his love and his power. This really is His church, and I'm so grateful to have it in my life.
I love you all so much, thank you for your amazing examples and all the support you have given me over this last year. I love the gospel and i know that its true! I LOVE YOU THE MOST!
heraman Wright / Kiera lynn
June 9th, 2014
Hello everyone!
Well I'll start off with what's happening this transfers. I am staying but Sister Robinson is leaving. She is going back to hermosa liahona (for the third time) and will be with my old companion Sister Diaz!!! And Sister Young is coming here with me. So it should be a fun transfer :)
 I got to go back to my old area of Torrance, on exchanges with Sister Johnson, my old companion. It was a lot of fun to see how much she's changed since she first came to the mission 6 months ago.
 So on Friday, we received a referral from head quarters and it didn't have a specific time to stop by, so we decided to go right after we got it. We were looking for a woman named Dina, but when we got there, she said there wasnt' anyone by that name who lives there. But she invited us in. So we told her who were and what our purpose was as missionaries. She then told us that for and while, and that morning too, she has been praying to find a new church. Asking for more direction in her life. She said she was happy in her church but she felt like there was more for her and her two sons. So we were then able to testify to her that this was an answer to her prayers and that the message we had was what she needed. We taught her the restoration and after we told her the Jospeh Smith story, we asked how she felt. She told us that she believed it. It was so amazing. We haven't been able to see her since, so please pray for her that we'll be able to see her soon.
It was such a humbling experience to be the answer to someone's prayer. I know that God uses the meek and simple to do his work, because they are the ones that will listen to Him.
I have never felt so much love from my Heavenly father than I have during my mission. He is real and I know that He lives. I have felt his love. I have felt his love for others. And I have felt his healing power time after time when I needed his Grace.  This is His church. And it is worth every sacrifice to not only have a testimony of it, but to be converted to it. Meaning that we will always put him first, no matter the situation, no matter the cost. I know that by being converted, we will understand His will more, and will see the bigger picture. I would encourage all of you to study conversion. It is essential for our lasting happiness. I love the Lord and I love being here. Thank you for all your prayers and support! I LOVE YOU THE MOST!
Hermana Wright / Kiera lynn
June 2, 2014

Hi Everyone!
Can you even believe it's June! I can not! May went by way to fast.
So we had some pretty cool things happen this week. The best was yesterday, but of course I'll save the best for last.
So I went on exchanges twice this week. The first one was with Sister Yanez. Her and Sister Walker are in our ward, so they are our best friends :) But I went to their area, and got to be on bike!!! I was sooo happy. I miss my bike so much. But it was a really windy day, so it was a little hard, but so much fun! We bought some pan dulce (sweets or pastries) at a panadaria that were so good, and we talked to tons of people. We met with one of their investigators, Arturo and Raquel, and they are so much fun! They treated us like we were their children and have the desire to learn. They also got us these popcicle things soaked in chile powder, haha it was pretty good.
Then I went on exchanges with Sister Smith in their area, which is english, but it was a lot of fun! A member took us out to lunch and then brought us to talk to someone she had met a couple weeks ago on the street. His name was Luigi, he's from Italy, and is probably a hundred years old, ok not really, but he's old. So Luigi is super hard hearted and is orthadox...something, I don't even know. But we taught him the restoration cause he wanted to know what we believe. When we finished, he looked at us and told us that we had just done a horrible job. Haha I thought he was kidding, but he was not. He then when on to tell us that he wants to read the Book of Mormon first, then have his son read it, then his daughter, then his other son, and then have a conversation with them and us about the church. He then made me play this little game when I drew two pictures in 15 seconds three times. From what I drew, he was able to tell me who I was, Where I came from, and what I wanted in life. It was ridiculous. The only thing he got right was that I come from a good strong family with good long roots. Everything else was just off and almost rude, haha but oh well, He's old.
After that we were able to teach a young guy named Jusin, who is half Korean half Mexican, and is muslim... he is obviously confused about who he is. But he had a lot of great questions. It was fun to teach him because he was really thinking about it and wanted to understand. We taught him in a old peoples home because he was spending time with his grandfather, who doesn't talk anymore. I tell you this because the old man who was in the bed next to his grandpa, was hilarious! Haha we had shut the curtain between us to give him privacy, but right before we were about to leave he got a phone call and and yelled " hey! hey you behind the curtain!" So i popped my head around the curtain and he said " this woman wants to come see me tomorrow, should I tell her yes?" I told him he could do whatever he wanted. So he told her yes .Two minutes later he called to me again " hey! hey behind the curtain!" I went around again. he said " This lady doesn't have a car, what do I tell her?" and I responded, being 100% serious, "maybe she could get a taxi?" and he said so seriously back " now this is no time for funny business missy." We all bursted into laughter. Haha I had no idea I was being funny, nor was I trying to be. haha it just caught all of us off guard. He then went on to tell us that his mother was coming, which he himself was about 80 years old. Oh and his name was Arnold :)
ok that was long, sorry.
So the best thing that happened this week was that Elder Ballard came to our mission yesterday and spoke to us! And he came to our stake, so we were able to hear him twice! It was such an amazing experience  to be able to meet an apostle of the Lord. He was so wonderful! Just full of love and peace. He gave us advice and counsel on how we can improve as a mission and be better individuals. The main thing I got out of it was that we need to call down the powers of heaven always. This is His work, He knows how to do it. We should involve him. Not just in missionary work, but in everything. This is His perfect plan we are living, He knows what we need to be doing. We need to ask him.
Another thing I loved that he said was he was flying somewhere with La Gran Richards, and asked him if he ever worried. Elder Richards said "No I don't worry. This is God and Jesus Christ' church, I'll let them worry about it. I'm just here to do my best."
We are all here trying to do our best, and that is all God asks of us. If we are honestly doing all we can to live the commandments and keep our covneants, we will be blessed. That's a promise.
Well I'm sorry this was so long this week. But i'm so grateful for the gospel, I know that it's true, and we are so blessed to have it. I love you all so much. Thanks for your love and support. I LOVE YOU THE MOST.
hermana wright / kiera lynn :)