Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 14th, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Ok well this last week was really good. Had some rough spots, but was good.
So to start out. On my birthday (last Tuesday) It was a normal day, trying to track down less actives and what not. But to do that, we went to the very edge of our area which is.... the beach!!!!!! It was so beautiful!!! So I got to go to the Beach for my birthday!!!! Then we went to the Viarruel's (a couple who are recent converts of about 5 weeks) for dinner. But When I walked in, the Vasquez family was there, the Cruz family, Ernesto, and Elder Beecher and Elder Nelson!! They had a party for me! haha I was so surprised! We started with a little FHE lesson watching a mormon message, then ate. And they made my favorite, tacos de papa!!! they were so good! Then they brought out this cake that had "Happy Birhtday Sister Wright" written on it! It was Three layers, tres leches, chocolate, and flan. SO GOOD! Then each of the families had gotten me a present! I got some T-shirts, body spray, lotion, chocolates and more. They best gift was from Elder Beecher and Elder Nelson tho. They got me, dark chocolate, peanut butter M&M's, dog stickers, jesus stickers, "I love my mission" stickers, candy corn, a card, trail mix, cookies, something from their 72 hour kit, an Altoids can with crayons in it, tissues that say "you had me at achoo", aftershave, and a card. I. was. DYING. haha so was everyone else. It was so funny. And the card really was so sweet :) So I had an amazing birthday! I am so grateful for the amazing people that are here. They hardly know me, but were so loving. It meant so much to me.

Ok so cool story. We taught Billy and Tina this week again and we taught the Word of Wisdom. Both of them have problems with smoking and Billy drinks too. So we committed them thursday night. Then we met with them after church yesterday. we followed up on how everything was going, and Billy told us this. " After our lesson with you guys thursday, we went to a BBQ with a bunch of friends and there was drinking of course. And evryone kept offering me a drink, and kept offering and kept offering. I got really annoyed and irritated at how hard it was to keep saying no over and over again. And again, someone offered me a drink, and I hesitated. I looked at Tina, looked at the drink, back at Tina, then thought of the missionaries. and I turned it down. Right after I turned it down, I felt this little feeling of peace. and knew I had made the right choice."
So amazing right!!! Billy is incredible. He wan't to be baptized so bad. He is already a member. He comes to FHE, church, and loves learning. I'm feel so blessed to know both of them. 

Another cool story. We called a bunch of people in our area book this last week. Less actives, formers, and investigators, just trying to update everything. And we called this one Tongan guy, a former, his name is Leka. He answered but said he was busy and would call us back later. But he didn't of course :) but guess who came to church on sunday..... Leka!  We didn't know what he looked like, so we didn't say anything to him all of sacrament of sunday school, we thought he was a friend of Rudy's. So he talked to the old branch president and said "I don't think the sisters know who I am". so the branch pres came and got us and we met him. haha we set up a time to meet with him this week. he wants to learn more. It was so crazy, but so incredible. 

Ok last thing.... Joseph is getting baptized this coming saturday. so excited!!!! I guess his dad came up from Glendale, and met with the sisters and signed the paper! And joseph wants me to sing at his baptism, so I get to go back!

Well family I love you tons. I miss you a lot! I pray for you every night. Before you know it, we'll all be back home together, can we believe It's already October!! So crazy. Well love you tons!

kiera lynn

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