Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hey everyone!

Wow so this week was full of a lot of things. Some good, some... not so good. 
To start, last monday we were playing sports, I was playing soccer... hurt my knee and ankle. Not so good. But I walked it off the best I could, and then we played football and guess who scored two touchdowns and got tackled to the ground by her companion... ME. Haha it was a perfect pass thrown by Quarterback Beecher, I caught it, made flag run into the end zone and then, after the play was over, my companion jumped on me and took me to the ground!!! the elders got a pretty good laugh out of it, I laughed too :) It was pretty funny, but I do have a big bruise on my arm... she's a rugby player. :)
Tuesday, We had our interview with Elder Beecher and Billy for his baptism. We had decided before hand that we were going to wait another week, so that Billy could be off of smoking for a bit longer. So when they came out, they both seemed good, and it seemed to go great. But then when I asked Billy about it, he said he thinks he can do it this week. But we really thought he needed to wait. SO he starts talking to sister Uele in Tongan about it, and elder Beecher and Elder Nelson started talking to me in spanish about it. Lets just say, it was a very confusing hour, and it ended with us going into another room with Billy and Tina and kneeling down and praying about it. And after the prayer, we got up, and all knew and felt that he could do it this week. So BILLY GOT BAPTIZED YESTERDAY! 
There were so many people there, and they were ALL Tongan! So it was big, and loud, and yes after the baptism there was a feast, complete with a full roasted pig. It was a party. But everything went great. Billy bore his testimony after and talked about the changes he's gone through and how when he came up out of the water, he felt different, he knows this is the right path. 
It was so incredible to hear. After there was another baptism from our spanish ward from elder Beecher and elder Nelson. We did the missionary moment for that baptism, then went back to the party :) It was an awesome day :)
Sister Uele, Billy, Tina, Sister Wright
Bishop Fie'aki, Sister Uele, Billy, Sister Wright

Well I've written way to much. But I love you all so much! Thanks for everything. and Ty and avery, thank you for your letters!!! I will write back soon. love you tons!!

kiera lynn

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