Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kiera wanted me to thank everyone for the letters and packages she has received. She will try and write letter to each of you this week. She said it makes her day to hear from everyone, thanks so much for your love and support. Gentry
Hola Everyone!
Wow, I can't believe it's already p-day again. The days are sooooooo long, but the weeks are short. Only two more weeks here in the MTC, it's said that we get our travel plans on friday!!!! That is crazy!
So in this last week, we have had two days of no english!!!! That was so hard. And i'm pretty sure I just made up half the words I said anyways, so it was more like I was speaking spanglish. But it made me realize that I only know how to speak 'church spanish' not real spanish. So that's a goal of ours to learn more common words and start using them.
This week I saw Mariel Lee, Mason Paxman, Sam Harris, and Liz Ricks!! So cool to see them all.
Hermana Oldham wasn't feeling good last weekend so I ended up staying in the residency with a lot of down time. But it ended up being really good for me, I learned a lot from my scriptures.
So Easter in the MTC was amazing! It truly is a once in a life time opportunity because all 3000 of us take the sacrament together. I can't even describe the spirit that was there. It was truly incredible. And our speakers that day was the presiding bishop of the church and his wife. They were amaizng! And it was a beautiful day here too!!! A perfect easter morning, so that day was just awesome.
The last few days I've been really struggling with various things. I got the point where I just felt like I needed more help. So I asked Elder Rios and Elder Callister is they would give me a blessing. It was amazing. Elder Rios said things and mentioned other things that no one knows about, and that were the things I needed to hear. After the blessing I felt whole again, and it just strengthend my testimony in the power of the priesthood. I know that it's real and it can change lives. Im so grateful for these two elders for being worthy and willing to give that blessing.
The church is true!!!! There is no doubt of it. Our heavenly father loves us and jesus christ died for us and now lives today! I love the gospel and I love being a missionary.
Thanks to everyone for all the love and support. I love and miss you all so much!! But I am the happiest i've been!
love, kiera/ hermana wright

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