Thursday, March 28, 2013

Half-way Through the MTC!!


Well I am half way done with the MTC!! So crazy, it's gone by fast, but slow, not sure how to explain that. But I still love it here. A lot has happened this week, so I will try to cover it all.

We got two new sisters in our room last week, and they are awesome! They are both in an advanced Spanish class, so they are only here for 12 days! To be honest that kinda made me mad.
Last week some awesome stuff happened in our lesson with martin.
So martin, (who is really our teacher hermano Gillmore) is a 52 year old guy from Argentina, who has a son that recently passed away. So our first lesson was good, it was real short but he was nice to us and we talked about the importance of prayer. So on our second lesson on saturday, we wanted to teach to his needs and talk to him about eternal families and that he will see his son again. So right before we go to teach , Hermana Oldham asked me if I had any personal stories that would apply to him and what we were going to talk about. At first I couldn't think of any, but then I thought of Grandma. So I decided I would tell that story as best I could in my broken Spanish. So this is what I told him, " My grandma passed away 6 years ago. It was really hard for our family because we loved her so much. But at her funeral, there was a picture taken of her 6 kids standing behind her casket, and if you took the casket out of this picture, you would never know that it was taken at a funeral, because everyone is smiling, everyone is happy, because we knew we would see again someday. Yes it was and is still hard, but we have hope." I started crying halfway through the story, and then looked up to see that Martin (brother gillmore) was crying too. I bore my testimony that i know without a shadow of a doubt that I will see her again, and that this life is not the end. I can't even begin to describe the spirit that was in the room. It was amazing. So we finished the lesson, and when we left, It just hit me that I will be able to use that experience and that story when im actually in the field. And it made me think of when I got set apart, that I've been prepared for this my whole life! there are going to be so many experiences that I am going to be able to share, that will help me have relationship with the investigator. So anyways, that was an awesome lesson.
One of our districts left on Monday, and it was so sad. We had really gotten close with the Elders and Sisters in that district. So saying goodbye to Elder Shaw, and Elder Huntington was sad. But no worries, me and Elder shaw exchanged addresses so we'll be able to keep in touch. Im so excited to hear about how everyone is doing.
So in our classroom, during our down time.... and other times, we play the coin game. This is a real game, with rules and brackets and tournaments. So what we do in stand 5 carpet squares away from our opponent, and flip and silver dollar coin into their shirt pocket. The sisters have to have an elder stand by us to catch for us. But it is so much fun!!! This last tournament I made it to finals against elder Urbina, but I lost. Me and Elder Urbina have a love hate relationship. We are really sarcastic with each other, and he's super.... I don't even know. haha but we really do have a lot of fun, and I really do love him. I love everyone is our district so much!!!!!!!!! They are the most amazing fun kids! We've gotten really close, so it will be hard when we all have to leave each other.
In choir on yesterday, we sang Joseph's First Prayer, and it was amazing. The spirit was so strong and it was beautiful. So Sunday, for easter, we are singing this song that is amazing! I had never heard it before but im way excited because rumor is that a general authority is coming for Easter!!!!! How cool is that going to be!
This week I got letters from Tanner Wright, Zach Stahlie, Mom, and got a package from Rich and Liz! Thank you to everyone who sends letters and dear elders, they mean that world and make your day go so much better!
And to those of you who haven't written me... Zach Allen, Kenzie Wilde, Chase Wright... you better do it soon
 Spanish is slowly getting better, but i'm no longer worried about learning it. I know that I will learn it because the lord wants me too!
Well I still love being a missionary more than anything in the world! I've never been happier in my life. I love and miss you all so much, but this is where I need and want to be. Thank you again for all your love and support. I love you!

- Hermana Wright

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