It was so good to hear from so many people this week! Thank you for everyone who sent letters, they make the week a millions times better!
This week has been great for the most part. We got a new district last Wed. so we aren't the newbies anymore. It actually feels like we've been here for months! But I love it so much.
Sundays are especially my favorite! Sacrament meeting is all in Spanish except for the member of the branch presidency who speaks. An Elder in our zone, Elder Schmidt, played the violin in church, and it was beautiful. Music is such a great way to bring the spirit. I've been going to the MTC choir, and I love it. It's a good break from study, study, study. And on Sunday choir practice our choir director, who is hilarious and so much fun, told us to be sure and be sure and get a spot for choir on Tuesday. So me and Hermana Oldham went almost 45 mins early and there was already a line. So we get in there and get a seat, and he tells us that there is a camera crew coming that night to film us for part of the show that airs in-between sessions of conference!! So that was way cool. We sang a song that was specifically written for the missionaries in the MTC. So watch the show in-between conference, and hopefully you don't see me, cause I did not get ready that day.
So cool story. yesterday Me and Hermana Oldham are getting ready for a "cold knock" (ask dad) with one of our new investigators. And we knock on the door, and kinda struggled to get him to let us in, but we did get in. So we get in make introductions, ask some basic questions, and try to get to know him, and it was going pretty good. But when we were done with those and were about to move onto the lesson part of what we prepared, I just had this overwhelming feeling that what we had planned, was not what he needed to hear. But I let my companion keep going anywhere. And I could feel the spirit in the room change. The spirit didn't leave, it just changed. And I wanted to go in a different direction, but I didn't know where, let alone know how to say anything else in Spanish. So I sat there being totally silent the rest of the time we were there. But it was such a weird experience. The spirit had told me not to give the lesson we had prepared, that he needed something else. It was awesome to be able to receive promptings in behalf of someone else. And even tho I come out of that lesson so upset that I didn't listen, and so upset that I couldn't speak what I wanted to say, I was so grateful for that experience and feeling the spirit so strong.
The language is hard. That's the only way I can describe it. During language study I'll feel really confident and speak what I can, and then we get in a lesson and all I do is pray, bear my testimony and ask a few simple questions. And then I get lost in what the investigator is saying cause he speaks so fast, and I can't keep up! It is the most frustrating feeling to not only to not be able to understand what a person is saying, but also to not be able to say what you want and express how much you love the gospel!!! I got so mad on Saturday morning that I could hardly focus on anything else. And my teacher, Hermano Durrant, could tell I was upset. So he helped with planning and stuff but I was still just mad to the point of tears. So he ran over and got his scriptures and had me look up Moses 6:31-34. And he read is to me and placed my name in where Enoch's was. And I just started crying. It was exactly what I needed to hear and I felt the spirit so strong. And right then I knew how much heavenly father loves me and he knows I can do this. So that was awesome. I am so grateful for Hermano durrant and for all my teachers here.
Well I'm doing great, I love being here even tho it's hard I don't want to be anywhere else. Being a missionary is the best thing in the world.
I love and miss you all so much. Thanks again for all your love and support. Till next week - Hermana Wright