Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kiera's First Letter

If you already have or have had a missionary out you know how exciting, and nerve racking it is to wait for the first letter!! Hope you enjoy keeping in touch with our beautiful missionary as much a we do!!!!!
I don't even know where to start! But I LOVE being a missionary. I loved being called hermana Wright, I love my companion, and i absolutly love my distrct! The feeling here at the MTC is hard to descrbe if you haven't been here. I love it so much, and it's a lot of fun. But it's hard. Its easy to get down or frustrated with yourself. But at the same time, its hard to be sad or homesick because you just always feel so much love here.
Alright, so my first day here was great. I wasn't hard to say goodbye to jenny and annette, I was just so excited. Elder taylor, the one in the picture who took my stuff for me, was the sweetest!! He helped explain things and what I would be doing that day. Then I went into 1M, its a building ask Dad, and I got my name tag. I was beaming when the sister put it on me. Then I got a sister host and we went and got my books and materials and then dropped my stuff on at my residence hall. Then she took me to my classroom and thats where I met my comp. Her name is Sister Oldham and I love her!! We are really good together and have a lot of fun. We helped each other perfectly. Where one of us is weak, the other is strong, so we do very well. Her dad is a doctor in the airforce so she moved around every three years, but her family is in Alaska right now.
The rest of my district is AMAZING. I cant even describe how much I already love them. Every time we have had a group discussion or testimony meeting, the spirit that is there and the testimonies that are born is so powerful. There are 12 of us total, 4 Sisters and 8 Elders. Me and sister Oldham are going to LA, Sister Sornsen and Sister Dunn are going to New York, and all our Elders are going to different parts of Mexico, and we are all speaking spanish.
Our distrist leader is Elder Roundy and he is from Mesa Arizona, and I love him to death and respect him even more. When we first met everybody it was great and we all got along great. Then we had our first district meeting with our branch presidency and we all had to stand and say some things about us, and then say why we decided to serve a mission. Elder Roundy's testimony was the first to just hit me. He didn't grow up in the church, had a hard backround with his mom, and then they got a divorce, and their family moved around a lot. And it wasn't until his dad got remarried, when his stepmom brought their family back to the church. But he is so strong and has an even stronger testimony of his savior, and that really hit me. Then next to hit me was Elder Roundy's comp, Elder Jacobsen. He grew up in the church but never really wanted to go on a mission. But his dad told him, to do everything he could to find out if he should go, pray, fast, and really think about what the lord wanted him to do. So he did, and he said that the first time he prayed to know if he should go, he knew right then and there that that was what the lord wanted him to do, and he hasn't had a doubt since! Both of theses Elders have been the biggest examples to me and I love them both so much. I have tons more stories about other elders in my district, I'll tell those later.
But all in all, I love it here. But don't me wrong, IT IS HARD. It's hard to push throught the language and stay positive about it. It's hard to study for hours and hours on end. It's hard to not get down on yourself and get frustrated.
But, there is no way you can deny the spirit you feel, every single day. Theres no way you can go throughout the day and not feel Gods love for you and for every person there. So I know without a doubt, that this is where Im supposed to be. The work is hard, but the lord is there to help you every step of the way, if you just submitt your will to him
I love you all so much and miss you so much.
-love kiera

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