Thursday, May 29, 2014

May 19th,2014
Hi Everyone!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!! I would just like everyone to know that Daddy Dave is 49 today! haha Love you Dad! :)
Well this week went by so fast!
We had a recent convert get the holy ghost this week on Thursday. He got baptized about three weeks ago, but for a lot of different reasons, he hasn't been able to come to church to get confirmed. So we did it Thursday night in the bishops office. And it was a great experience for him. He is soooo funny. He's always making  jokes, and for some reason they are way funnier in Spanish!
This week I went on exchanges and I got to go to Lomita with Sister Dopp and we rode bikes! It was so much fun! I didn't realized how much I had missed my bike! We had so much fun and were able to talk to a lot of people in the wonderful language of English.... I am very glad I'm in a Spanish ward, it reminded me of how hard serving English was. But we had fun :)
We have been talking to everyone!!!!! It was been so much fun to talk with all kinds of different people. Then about every 8 people, you get a crazy one... like really crazy. But it makes for good stories. Like when I was with Sister Dopp this weekend. We went to see on of their investigators named Vincent. He is living in this house with a bunch of other people, but they are all getting evicted because of something that happened. Anyway, one of the women who lives there is named Reba, and she is a big black woman who holds her own, and is also a crack addict. So we start the lesson, and she starts crying about something that happened to her daughter. So Vincent who is so sweet, hands her his Book of Mormon and tell her to read a verse and that it will make her feel better. Well she starts reading, and halfway through the verse she just starts crying and then screaming. She was screaming for 3 mins straight!! She was screaming at the top of her lungs so hard that she was shaking and beads of sweat were coming down her face. Not going to lie, I was so terrified. But we just sat there  and Vincent got up and went and gave her a hug and she started to calm down. Once she was ok, we started reading again. But then she asked us to say a prayer for her daughter. Vincent offered to say it, and in the middle of his prayer, she started screaming again... 3 mins, shaking, sweating. So we then put Reba in her room, took all her stuff in there for her and got her settled, then we went outside and finished the lesson with Vincent.  And because of this experience, I can promise to you all, that I will never do drugs. And that is the moral of the story.
But we have been able to have some really great experiences with talking to everyone. Like  this week me and sister Robinson got sung to on the street. Haha it was a little funny but he was singing us christian music that he was writing, and he was not afraid to belt it in the street. We got some good looks from the neighbors. And yesterday, we met a cute lady and her son that were willing to let us come back and share more. There really are miracles in talking to people. And I know that this applies to everyone, not just missionaries.
Sometimes we have thoughts to talk to the kid next to us in our college class, or start a conversation with a co-worker. Don't ever ignore those thoughts. Last night, Sister Robinson had the thought to go back into a laundry mat to talk to a certain guy. When she said it, I knew we needed to do it. And so we did. It turns out that he was an inactive member. He joined the church over years ago in Alaska, and then came here not long after, but he hadn't had contact with the church for years. We were able to give him the address to the church and invite him to a fireside next week. I know that we needed to talk to him. One of the sisters said something that really hit me this last week. She said "anytime I run into a less active member, I know that their family has been praying for them to have contact with the church." I really believe that is true. There are so many who need our help. So also look for those who might, and then act on it.
I love the gospel. It is true. God is real and He does live. His son is our Savior and it's because of Him, that we can have all the blessings of eternal life. Thank you for all your support and love. I feel so blessed! I LOVE YOU THE MOST!
Kiera lynn / Hermana Wright

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