Sunday, July 27, 2014

June 30th,2014
Hey Everyone!
Well I really can't think of anything else other than Chase getting his call to PERU! So amazing! I am so excited for him. He will be a great missionary!
Well this week we had so many amazing things happen!
First on Tuesday, we were able to go to the Visitors Center with Omar, and that in itself was a battle! He was running late, and then something happened with the car, and a whole buch of other things, but we finally got up there and it was awesome! He loved it! The whole tour was focused on the Atonement and repentance. He loved it.
So then on Wedensday, at english class, the topic was on law and order. So at the end of the class, Omar shared his expereice with everyone at the Visitors center, and told about justice and mercy and pretty much bore his testimony of change and repenting! After the class, we taught him the word of wisdom. He has no problems with any of them, except coffee! But we had a member walk by and she shared her expereince of how she quit coffee before she was baptized. Such a miracle. So then on Saturday, Omar came to english class again, and he told us that he hasn't had any coffee in four days!!! He also said he had a lot of headaches, but that he was gonna keep going! Then we had a ward missionary activity where we had a couple members come to the church and then we were going to go out with them and have them meet our investigators and meet their friends. Omar asked if he could stay and see what it was all about. So he stayed for the little pre meeting. There was a brother there who had asked for a blessing, so the elders were going to give him one before we left. Our ward mission leader, then simply explained to Omar what a blessing was and why we have the power to give them. He then asked Omar if he would like a blessing to hlep him progress in the gospel. and Omar said yes!!!! The blessing was amazing! It was exactly what Omar needed to hear to help him. We asked how he felt after and he didn't have words! Which is rare cause Omar loves to talk :) So then Omar decided to go with the elders and a member to make a visit, but could only go for one visit cause he had stuff to do. So we all left and we went out with our memeber to visit one of our investigators, which went really well, then she introduced us to her friend. Then all of us met back up at Hno Madrids house to eat and share testimonies. And in comes OMAR with the elders! He had stayed for the whole thing. We sit down to eat and start sharing what happened. Omar went first and went on to tell everyone that he had felt the spirit so strong that he decided to stay with the elders. And then has they were driving back, he said he had the thought to take the elders to go see his brother. So they did! The elders then told everyone how Omar told his brother that he has felt something different in the church and has been so much happier since he has been meeting with me and Sister Young, and that he should listen to the missionaries too!!!!!!!!! WOW that was so long! but it was such an amaizng story. Omar is incredible. He has a lot to work on, but he is making great progress. Please keep him in your prayers. He works three jobs and works Sundays, so he hasn't been able to come to church yet. We need a miracle for him to be able to come this Sunday!
Also this week we met and guy named Wilow.( I always think of "peck peck peck peck" everytime I say his name :) and he owns a food business, and gave us the BEST orchata I have had on my entire mission! He said he'll give us more when we go back to teach him tonight :)
Oh I also spoke in Sacrament meeting yesterday, and sang. haha it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. And i think everyone understood my spanish.. i hope :) but my topic was on the "importance of the family" and i loved being able to talk about the family. It was such an easy topic because I have seen how the gospel blesses familes, because it's blessed my own family so much. I am so grateful to have an incredible family who are firm in the gospel and are making decisions that will greatly bless their lives forever. I know the church is true. I know that Christ lives. I know that we can all live with our families forever. I love you all so much! Thank you for all you do! I LOVE YOU THE MOST!
Hermana Wright/ Kiera :)

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