Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 14th, 2014
Hi Everyone!
Such an amazing week! We saw so many miracles!
First, OMAR CAME TO ALL THREE HOURS OF CHURCH! It was such a happy day! We had taught him on Saturday about the priesthood and then told him that he had a responsibility to be at church every week. We invited him to fast with us that he would be able to get work off so that he could come. And he did! And the topics that were discussed at church were so perfect for him! He is doing so good. But please keep him in your prayers, he needs a lot of help this week to be able to make his baptismal date. He needs to get Sunday's off or quit his job. But we know he will be blessed for putting his faith in the Lord.
This next story is amazing!
So two weeks ago we were fasting and praying for Omar that he would be able to come to church. We were also praying that we would find new people to teach. We were about to end out fast and walking back to our car, when we almost got hit by a car! This guy was backing out in the parking lot and almost hit us. But he saw us, then asked "Are you bible people?" of course we said yes! He asked us to wait while he re-parked his car and that he wanted to talk to us. So he parked again (and almost hit us again) and then got out and started talking to us. He was speaking English, but then asked if we spoke Spanish because of our name tags, we said yes, and he said "oh good, Spanish is way easier for me!" (miracle #1). He then went on to tell us that he saw us walking and something told him in his heart that he needed to talk to us. Then then said "so what do you have for me, because I know it's what I need." (miracle #2) We told him a little about what we do and explained that we had specific areas and that he probably wasn't in our area cause he said he lived ten minutes away, but he told us his address, and it was totally in our area! (miracle #3) We set up a return appointment and this last Friday we were able to meet him and we set a baptismal date! When I asked if he would be baptized, he said "Yes. I want to be happy." We asked how he was feeling and he told us that he felt a warmth and peace come over him and we were able to testify that that was the spirit telling him that that was what he needed to do. (miracle #4) And then on Saturday, there was a man getting baptized and we called to invite Joaquin (oh that's his name fyi) and he said he would be there in 30mins. Luckily the baptism started an hour late, and he was able to see a baptism. He said he felt so much peace and loved it! (Miracle #5) I can not even tell you how incredible this had been. God truly is a God of Miracles. I feel so humbled to be a part of this incredible work! Please keep Joaquin in your prayers. He too will have a lot of trials to get over before he is baptized. But we know he can do it!
And the other person we are working with right now is Jenifer. She too has a baptismal date and is just amazing. We love her and her 4 boys! They are so cute. Ages 9 to 1. They are crazy but a ton of fun. They love singing with us. This last week we taught them "once there was a snowman" and "popcorn" they loved it! Jenifer has so much faith. But is a little nervous about the change and how her family will take it. If you could keep her in your prayers too, that would be wonderful :)
I love being a missionary. I love serving the people here and I love the Lord. This is his work. More than anything, I've learned this last week that we are only tools in his hands. It's not us. It could never be us. But God loves us enough to use us to help his work along so that we can be changed and strengthened in His gospel. What an incredible blessing. I know that Christ lives. He is how we can change, and how others around us can change. I kow that this is his church.
I love you all so much! Thank you for all your love and support! I LOVE YOU THE MOST!
hermana wright / kiera

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