Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 4th, 2014
Hey Everyone!
First, I can not believe it is August! And that's all I'm going to say about that!
This week was one of the best weeks of my mission. Jennifer was baptized yesterday, and I have never felt the way I did than I felt at her baptism.
She showed up to church with three of her boys, and they were all in nice shirts and their hair was combed over. She said she didn't know if her husband would come at 2 for the baptism, but she hoped her would. We went through church and then we were getting everything ready for the baptism. We finished printing of the programs, and we found Jennifer just 20 min before and she was sobbing. Her husband wasn't coming. My heart just broke for her. She was so nervous and just wanted support. I held her and told her she was doing the right thing. I just silently prayed that she would have the strength to do it. And she did! We went back and got her changed, then went out for the prayer meeting. Our ward mission leader was the one baptizing her and Lorena, an investigator of the elders. He went through the program and then showed them how the baptism would. That was a special moment, cause he told her to just pay attention to the words he would say and how she would feel. I looked at Jennifer's face and could see that she felt safe. She had a little bit of hope. But was still nervous. We took some pictures, then went in for the service. One of Lorena's friends, Carmen, who lives in St George, gave the talk on baptism. It was beautiful. And then it was time for Jennifer to be baptized. Sister Young and I got to go back with her in the font. We waited for Hermano Madrid to get in the water, I held her glasses for her, and then she paused for just a second, then stepped in. Watching the baptism from the other side was incredible. When he said the prayer, he looked right into her eyes and said it with such power and authority, but with so much love and emotion. He cried and so did I. Jennifer came up out of the water and you could immediately see it. You could see that she was clean. She was beaming, and so happy. She walked up the steps and we had a moment together while Lorena was getting in the water. We asked how she felt. She said she had never felt anything like that in her life. She said she couldn't describe it. But she didn't have to. I could see it on her face. I was so overwhelmed by the spirit. I was able to look at her and see and feel how much Heavenly Father loved her. I was crying, she was crying. Then Sister Young told her to always remember that feeling. That when times get rough, or she has a doubt, to just remember that feeling. Jennifer and Lorena went back and changed and before we went back out to everyone. Jennifer said that that morning while, her mom was telling her those things, she told her mom that she really did believe that this was the right church, and that now she can feel it. She said she as going to go tell everyone how she felt!!! She's going to be a great member missionary! :) We sang "A Childs Prayer" and then Hermano Madrid gave them the opportunity to bare their testimonies. Jennifer had already told me before that she didn't want to and that she was shy. But she got up there and bore her testimony! Again, I just cried the whole time. She thanked me and sister young and told everyone of the changes she's seen in her life. She is amazing!
I know that was a long story and lots of detail, but I hope you all can feel how special baptism is. These people are making a covenant with God, that will allow them to live with Him again. That is a huge deal.
If I didn't know for certain before, I would know now, that this is the Church of Jesus Christ. The only true church on the earth. I have felt it time and time again, and know I've seen others feel it and know it for themselves. God lives and is so aware of us. Please keep Jennifer in your prayers, she has a lot of trails a head of her with her husband and family. But I know God will bless her and help her.
I love you all so much. Thank you for all the support!
Jennifer's Baptism!
Hermana Wright / Kiera lynn 

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