Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Feb 17 at 1:35 PM
Hey Everyone,

Ok so I don't really know what happened this week... we are in the finding process and all I remember is talking to people about our LA English class. haha which is good, cause it gets them into the church building where they can feel the spirit. 
I went on exchanges with Sister Lyman this week and she is from Cedar. We have a lot in common so it was fun to spend some time with her. While I was with her I went to their Eternally Linked class. Which is a family history class they are doing to also get people into the church. It was cool to see non-members there getting in the spirit of finding their family. While we were there the ASL Elders came and I signed the few things that I know to Elder Josh Johnson who is deaf and is so sweet. He was teaching me some new signs while we were talking. Well come to find out, he is from Riverton, and he had a friend that he would go see horses with when he was little. Then when they were in second grade, his friend moved to St George. SO long story short, we found out it was tanner!!! He could not believe I was his cousin. He said he had been looking for tanner right before he come out on his mission after he graduated this last may, but couldn't find him. His mom was looking on facebook and had just told him a couple weeks ago that she still hadn't found him. So we were both crying. I don't really know why, But it was an answer to his prayer and it was so cool to see how sweetly he talked about Tanner, it made me miss him :) So me and elder Johnson are now best friends and I am learning more sign language :)
Also yesterday, fernando was confirmed! He is the sweetest guy I've ever met. He was so excited and so happy after. he is already getting ready for the priesthood and has a goal to get to the temple in a year. 
On Valentines Day we had Zone Conference and it was amazing! I always learn so much. I'm super grateful for all the missionaries that I get to learn from and for President Weidman.
I'm LOVING being back in spanish! I've missed the culture and the people so much, and the FOOD! haha It's been so much fun. I'm for sure latina :) 
Well I Love you all so much. Thanks for all the love! I LOVE YOU THE MOST!

Kiera lynn 

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