Monday, March 17, 2014

Feb 24
Hi Everyone :)
Alright so I have two great stories from this week.
They both happened on Friday.
So this past week, there were some rough patches. I have been struggling personally and it all just came to the surface I guess. I had no idea what to do about the situation that was getting me down and it was hard to focus on the work. So I decided to ask for a blessing. It was amazing. Elder Kimball gave a beautiful blessing, with so much guidance and counsel. I flet so much peace after. I knew that I could trust my Heavenly Father and move forward with faith. I know I've said this many times, but I am so grateful for the priesthood. It's power is real. I am also grateful for the young men here who were able to do that for me. I love them and look up to them.
So later that night we went to the Santos house for dinner. Both Mercedees and Laura (sisters) were baptized last September. and then their nephew, Fernando, was baptized two weeks ago. They had some great news, that they finally got Allison. Now Allison is Fernandos Sister, jenny, 6 year old daughter. Now Jenny is a drug addict, and had not had her daughter for a while because the state took her away. So this little 6 year old gilr has been living in a foster home. But everything was finally cleared and the court approved, so Allison is officially a part of the Santos family. So she was there Friday night and we had so much fun with her. When we started our spiritual thought, we told her we were going to talk about the temple. She told us "wait", and she ran into her room and brought a picture of Jesus and on the back was the temple. We asked if she knew who was on the picture and what was on the back. This little 6 year old girl, then talked for the next 15 minutes about who Jesus was, what the temple was, about faith, about God. I have never felt the spirit like I did that night. It was so strong that it almost felt heavy. Allison was saying things that I have never heard a child speak. You could tell that the Holy Ghost was with her and it was him speaking. I was in tears. Allison has been though so much in her life already, and hearing what she said that night, there was no doubt in my mind that she KNOWS who Jesus is. She knows him. It was an incredible experience. Read D&C 128:18, I'm pretty sure that's what happened. Both me and Sister Warner left saying that there is no way the church isn't true. It's ALL true.
Then Saturday, I got to go to a wedding recpetion for a family that got sealed :) And guess what, the cake was falling and tipping. So guess who got to fix it?!! Me and Elder Kimball :) haha it was so much fun. I felt like

I was at home again for a second. But I was so glad I was able to help. I also got to cut the cake :) haha
Well family I love you all. Thank you for being so great. I LOVE YOU THE MOST

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