Monday, March 17, 2014

Elder Malpica, Elder Kimball, Me and Sister Warner
Elder Christensen and Elder Peircy
Gary!! and Me
Sister Wells!!
Hey Everyone!
So transfers are this week, and I am staying in Hermosa Liahona and training a new missionary! Sister Warner is going to Downey. It was fun while it lasted, but we both knew we'd be splitting up. It's sad, but I'm ready for this next transfer and excited for what is to come. I love change. :)
So this week, we have a lot of different things. First, we had a Sisters Training on Tuesday, which was really good. Sister Weidman is amazing and so sweet! She answered a lot of my personal questions through her talk. Also, if anyone wants a good scripture to study this week, read the 23rd Pslam, and study it. It's so good :)
We also had temple service this week! And we got to clean inside the Temple! Oh my goodness it was amazing! There were some Hermanos working with us and they took us up to the 3rd floor, which I had never seen, and it was really cool! I got to see a lot of different parts of the temple and hear some really great stories from the temple workers. We were in there all day, just feeling that special spirit and being at peace. I love the temple!
We also met with Edgar this week. Not sure if I have talked about him yet or not. But he is from Guatemala, about 58 years old. he investigated the church
 about 7 years ago. He was going to get baptized, but left to Guatemala for a long time and lost contact with the church. We found him when we were on splits, and I thought he was a member because he knew some much about the church. Anyway, we had a lesson with him and we brought the bishops wife, and it was so great! We taught the restoration and it was so powerful. I recited the First Vision and I immediatley felt the spirit come into the room. and you could see his face change. He is a little loud and loves to talk, but when the spirit came, he felt it. He had tears in his eyes when we asked him how he felt. And he said that he flet grateful that the Lord would give us this and give us a prophet. I truly feel blessed to have been there. We set a date with him in April, please keep him in your prayers. He  needs so much support and he is going into surgery this week as well. And yesterday he came to church! He was so happy to be there and just love life! He is very enthusiastic about life :) he makes me happy haha
Also yesterday we went to the departing missionary fireside with Marco and Hermano Romero. I got to hear Sister Wells speak! I can't believe she is going home! and guess who else was there, from way back in Lynwood a year ago!!?? Martha! and Gary! and Sulma! It was the best reunion ever! Martha was so happy, and I about cried when I talked to her. She is still going to church, and reading,  not baptized yet, but I know it will happen. Sulma is doing great and so are her three kids. And then GARY! I didn't even recognize him!!! He's changed so much. He was walking (when I left he was on crutches and in a cast) and he looked great! He said that he is planning on going on a mission!!!! I was beyond happy. Gary played a huge role in the missioanry I am today. I will forever be grateful for the things he taught me and the chance I had to teach him and his family.
So ya, that was my week. It was great. It's starting to get warm here agian, and all I can think about is how much I sweated last summer... that's really all I remember... sweating in the car, sweating in the apartment, sweating in the street, haha it was so hot so that will be fun :)
Well family I love you tons. Keep being member missioanries. Look for the people in your wards who need a lift or a gentle remind to come to chruch :) The Lord will bless you with opportunities to share the gospel, only once he knows He can trust you wiht them. So open your mouth :) I LOVE YOU THE MOST!!!!
Kiera lynn, Hermana Wright

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