Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hi Everyone!
Well it has been amazing to be back with sister Warner!!!!!!!! We are doing so great and love being together. I feel so blessed to have my best friend out on a mission with me. She has helped me so much and has taught me even more. :)
Ok so this week I was still getting over being sick, whatever it was hit me hard, but I'm all better now.
I am in the Torrance North Stake in the Hermosa Liahona Ward. I LOVE this ward. We have the best ward mission leader ever! Hermano Romero. Me and sister Warner are the only sisters in the ward and so he calls us his angleitas :) H
Mini missionary...Mitzy:)

Sister Warner
e is also from Peru, so we instanly became best friends when he heard about Dad and went and got us Peruvian food the next day! haha
We are teaching LA English here and I love it!!!! I love teaching english, plus it is the best finding tool ever!
We also had a baptism yesterday. His name is Fernando, I met him tuesday, and it was amzing to see how prepared he was to be baptized. the sisters had only been working with him for a month and he was ready. So it just shows that the lord is preparing people to be baptized.
Fernando's two aunts and grandma, that also live in our area are so amazing and so much fun! They got baptized in September and got their patriarchal blessings yesterday! So yesterday was just a super special day for them. And Mercedes, one of the aunts, is a chef! And has things at California Pizza Factory, Trader Joes, and Ruby tuesdays! Her recipies. So she was super excited when I told her I love to back and that I had done a wedding cake. She has to make a cupcake this week that tastes like Honeynut Cherrios, so we were talking about that and trying to figure it out :)
Then this weekend we got a Mini Missionary!!! Her name was Mitzy, she's 16, and she has only been a member for 8 months. She has an incredible story. Her and her mom were the first ones to get baptized, now her sister was in january, her aunt is getting baptized this week, and she has four other cousins and a grandma that are taking the disscusions! It was amazing to hear her story. She will be a great missionary someday.
Well I love you all so much. Thank you for the love and support, I wouldn't be here without it.
 kiera lynn
p.s. Guess what is in my area and where we ate on friday... CAFE RIO!!! I was so happy that day

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