Monday, July 15, 2013

Ok so my new area..... Is so not lynwood. It is right up by the hollywood sign. And I don't know if i've ever seen so many... interesting people.
Our zone is super small, and I am living with another set of sisters... lets just say it's not my favorite thing in the world.
Our area is really small too, and we only have three members in our area. there are 5 sets of missionaries to one word, so it's a little difficult. But me and sister oldham have some great ideas and we are ready to work hard.
It's been hard to transfer, harder than I thought it would be. but it's been a huge blessing to have sister oldham and elder reeves, he was my district leader in lynwood and now is my zone leader here :) he's incredible!
So this is going to be a struggle but it will be ok. We are walking every where right now casue I haven't gotten a bike yet. We have some pretty sketch places here that we stay away from. There is this old persons home that literally looks like the tower of terror! im pretty sure thats where disneyworld got the idea from. it's such a scary place.
But the members here are super great. We've already had two family home evenings with investigators and another one tonight! that wouldn't have happened in lynwood :)
I miss martha so much! we went and said goodbye to her and she just started crying. It was so sad. I will always love her, adn she said we will always be her missionaries and that we have to come back when she get's baptized and when we get married so she can meet our husbands. haha she's great, im going to try and write her and stay in touch.
So ya that's what's going on here.Hope you all had fun in your travels. And Wilson.... I love you :) sorry about the accident.
anyways, please keep praying for me. Avery, this would be a good time to pray for me to be nice... i'm going to need it :)
Love you all so much!

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