Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hey family!
this week was great. So had a lesson with this guy named william that we found on the street the week before. It was such a great lesson. He told us that he was going to came to church yesterday but didn't. :( but at church yesterday, we got a referral from Jackie, the referral! haha her and her family have been taught by the missionaries before, and three weeks ago they just decided to come back to church. the english elders have been teaching the 11 year son, but jackie wants to be taught in spanish so she can understand better. so we are pretty excited about them :)
We walked a lot this week... like always :) but it was good cause we found Carmen that way. we met her on the street cause she heard us speaking spanish and wanted to know where we were from because we are white! haha it was way funny. but come to find out, her daughter is a member of the church and is serving a mission. we are meeting with her tonight, so say a prayer for her. 
We also met with the hno marroquin this week and he is... progressing. I just don't know what to do with him. but I love him and the whole family so much! they took us out to an el slavador restaurant and we got papusas. they were way good. and then yesterday, he texted us and said he has a surprise for us next sunday, and we can't tell his wife that he said anything to us. So we have no idea what it's going to be. I hope it's a party to tell us that he's decided to get baptized. but we'll see. so i'll let you know what it is next week.
thats all I got this for week. I started doing video journals, so i'll send home my SD card soon cause it's to big to e-mail.
But ya love ya tons. Miss you all a lot. I hope everything is going great :) love you 

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