Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hello everyone.
Ok so this week was much better than last week. Im more used to my area now and im starting to love it. It is so different from lynwood tho. I don't feel safe being out on the streets at night.. it's pretty scary. But the lord is watchign over us.
So this week I was totally sick. It was not fun. But I feel a lot better today, I got a blessing yestersday from our zone leaders elder depollo and elder reeves.
As far as lessons... We are teaching this one guy named Avid. He's a little crazy. He says he found christ three years and was reborn. so he changed his name to avid, and says he's three years old in christ. he has long long hair and a handle bar mustach. and he paints all his clothes with this really bright paint. hes a little different. and at first we thought he was just going to be one of those "I like to talk about jesus" guys, but this last week we had him come to the preach my gospel class that the ZL teach, and he said he leanred a lot and needed to go home and think about it. he's never like that. so hopefull when we meet with him tomorrow he'll really want to learn more.
Another person we see all the time is Anna. She is a less active that reminds me so much of gary. same age and same type of story. She is incredible. She comes out to lessons with us and his really getting involved in missionary work. I love her so much. We had a really powerful lesson with her this week about the atonement and we were all crying. I feel like anna is one of the reasons I came her. I love her!
um.... The ward here is super functional, which is way different from my last area. so thats good :) and the zone is way smaller, but im learning to love it.
Me and sister oldham really do work great together and im so greatful that I've been able to work with her again.
that's all I can think of right now. Sorry this is a lame letter :) I'll do better next week.
Love you all so much. Thankyou for the love and support. Love you.
p.s. the living situation is getting better. It is still not my favorite, but it's better now :)

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