Tuesday, May 28, 2013

So I can not believe that this transfer is already over!!!! So crazy!!!
So our trainer Sister wells is leaving. she is going to marvista and back to work in the VC. and me and sister Blair are staying here... and im senior companion, but mostly becasue I can drive. So ya, we will have some great stories coming up because we don't speak the greatest spanish.... but the lord will help us :)
So this week we set two more baptism dates! One with Ana Perez. She is 26 and her and her husband justgot married 3 weeks ago and moved here. He is a member of the church, he got baptized 3 years ago, and has been working with Ana for a while now. he even took her to the visitors center! and she told us in our first lesson that he goal is to be married in the temple forever!!!! so awesome!
Our other baptism is Eduardo. He is in his 30's and is a recovering drug addict. He from the moment we started talking to him on the street, we could all feel that he has the strongest spirit and so much faith. In our first lesson he kept saying he didn't know if he was good enough for the church, but we cleared that up quickly :) and today we taught him again, and he's been reading the book of mormon and likes it. and he told us today that will have a light about us, and that he wants that light too. so amazing that  he can see and feel the difference!!!
So those are my stories for this week. Oh and Dad, Martha made us arroz con leche this week!!!! It was amazing and reminded me of you :) she also said she would teach  me how to make tamales!!
Well I love you all so much adn miss you a ton. thank you for all your support and love.love you!

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