Monday, May 6, 2013

Hello Family!
a lot has happened this last week, so get ready.
last monday after p-day was over we had a lesson with Martha. She was a referral from the english elders and this was the second time we taught her. So we went over and she had read in the BOM!! and she liked it. shes not a good reader so it was huge that she did that! Then we taught the first part of the restoration and she seemed to understand. then i extended the baptismal invitation! and she said yes! then we set a date for june 9th. she was a little nervous about it being to soon, but we told her we would teach her a lot more before then. so she accepted :) and she totally came to the mothers day party on friday ans hermana perez became her freind and gave her a tour of the church. and she came to church yesterday! and she loved it! she is incredible. shes 62 and has three kids. she is so loving and just humble as ever. we asked her to say the closing prayer, and showed her the pamphlet on how we pray. she wanted me to say a prayer first adn then she would. so i did, and then it was her turn and she just read that "how to pray" box! haha she thought it was a memorized prayed. haha it was pretty funny. 
Tuesday we did service for hermana paque, and we have been cleaning her back yard, which had a ton of junk and weeds and equipment and just so much stuff. So i was trying to grad this piece of wood to throw it out but i couldn't reach it cause of this bucket that was in the way. so i went to step over the bucket but ended up stepping on it and broke right through the lid and stepped in old paint. it wasn't mixed so i just stepped in that watery oil stuff on top, but it has been sitting there for YEARS so it smelled so bad! oh man it was bad. and all the elders were laughing and my companions, it was embarrassing, cause then hermana paque came out and brought towels and a blow dryer and a new pair of socks, casue it smelled so bad and was just gross. But later that night we got to teach Gary again, the less active member and that was the highlight of my day. he is awesome we actually got to teach him twice this week and both lessons went great. I still feel like gary is the reason im here right now, so i feel so blessed to be able to teach him. 
And guess who I saw this week after zone training..... Elder Beecher!! Haha his face was priceless!! haha it was so good to see and catch up a little. I will actually see him again tomorrow at zone conference so i'll be sure to take a picture. :)
Well i love being a missionary still, yes it's hard but its so rewarding. we had some hard times this week, but with the help of our wonderful elders in our district and the power of the preisthood we got help :) I love you all so much, thank you for the support, love and prayers. Love you
hermana wright

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