Monday, May 20, 2013

Hello Family!
So the coolest thing happened this week........... Elder Cook came to our mission!!!!! He was amazing. He and his cute wife talked to us. He talked about things that we had been praying about! It was so cool to be able to hear him speak and shake is hand! It was a great day
Also this week we had a little bit of bad news. Martha has a law of chastity problem. She has a man living with her because he is a friend and has cancer and needs help. So we arent exactly sure what to do about it cause it is still considered as co-habitating. so we are going to have to talk to president about it. So please keep her in your prayers. But she did come to church again yesterday and she loved it! I know she'll get baptized as soon as we figure this problem out.
Our other baptismal dates are Marco and Ruben. And when we went to teach them last friday night, Marco surprised us with dinner after the lesson. and guess what it was..... Soup. but not just any soup, it was shrimp, fish tale, fish spine, fish head, octapuse soup!!! Haha I have never chewed or swollowed so fast in my life!! It was so funny to watch sister Blair eat it casue she hates fish, but she did eat all of it :) it was a night I will never forget
The spanish is getting better. I just wish the people would breath a few times inbetween every 10 sentences!! they speak so fast! But Im learning and will keep trying my best. but please keep praying for me.
Well I can't really think of anything else other than be member missionaries! Get to know the missionaries in your ward. Invite them over for dinner and get to know them. It will help you understand what im doing. We really can't do anything without members!
I love you all so much, and miss you everyday. But I feel so blessed to have the chance to be here doing the lords work! love you

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