Saturday, December 14, 2013

December 9th,2013
Ok so I had the best day of my mission this week, it was yesterday.
Because yesterday, I got to go back to Inglewood for Holika's baptism!!!! It was one of the most incredible experiences of my mission. I have never felt the spirit do strong.
Fist off, there were SO many people there!!! We had to move everyone upstairs to the chapel and so the program up there. Tongans are the best! Everyone's talks were so great. ANd when we went down to see him get baptized, I won't ever forget him standing in the water, all in white, with his brother, with is two long braids. One of the best moments of my life.
While they were getting changed, i got to give a talk on missionary work, and I have no idea what I said... but I got through it. :)
Holika bore his testimony too. He told everyone the story of when I pulled him aside the day before I left, and asked when he was getting baptized. He said that when I said the 8th of December, he just felt likt crying. that was the day that, 16 years ago, he lost his dad. and when he heard the 8th, he knew it was right. (I felt that spirit too that night. It was so stong and I knew that he was going to get baptized, but he didn't want anyone to know until then.) He said that he knows the chruch was true, how grateful he was for the missionaries and everyone else who's helped him along the way. His mom was there, and she didnt' go to her other sons baptism when he got baptized 4 years ago. So her being there was a big deal, and I could tell that she felt the spirit, she was crying almost the entire meeting.
The Ysa sang as musical number that was so beautiful, those tongan voices just melt your heart. And after, of course, there was a HUGE feast! Keven and Darren Ramirez were there too!!!! They came to see me and President and Sister Sagers ( they are in my ward and were mission presidents in texas, and that is where keven served his mission :)) 
I can't even begin to describe the feeling i had when I was there last night. It juts hit me so hard that that is why I came on a mission, to find Holika. I know that we blessed each others lives and that we will be friends for eternity. I feel like we knew each other before.
I want all of you to know, that even though it's Christms time, and we miss each other a lot, I knwo without a doubt, that this is where I'm suppoed to be right now. The Lord has people prepared that I need to go find. He knows that I need them too. These people are my best friends and I love them so much. I'm beyond grateful fo the chance I have to be on a mission.
The Church is true. I know that with all me heart. Our savior lives, and he is the reason fo rhtis beautiful time of year, and He is how we can have eternal life. I love Him, and I know he loves all of us with a perfect love. He is our friend and our brother, and is always here for us. and Just liek Holika did, everyone can know that the church is true, we just have to ask.
I love you all so much. thank you for being so loving and so supportive. I LOVE YOU THE MOST!!!!!!!!!
kiera lynn

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