Friday, December 13, 2013

Dec 2
Happy Holidays!
It's officially December! I love Christmas time. Everyone seem sto be a little bit nicer and more loving, so it's a really great thing for missionaries!
Our Thanksgiving was great! We spent the first half of the day with Marsha. She had appetizers and pie for us. But we really just spent time with her since she was alone. It really was great and she loves us so much. She got a little tear in her eye when she told that she was grateful for us this year and being with her. She really is a sweetheart.
The second half of the day we spent with the Bacanawa family. They were so much fun! Bro and Sis Bacanawa have been married for just over a year I think. And she had two kids before. Pamala and John. Pamala is going to Uof U and was home for the weekend. she graduated just this last year. and she had two of her high school friends over.. Jo and Eric.. both of which are gay. haha it was the loudest thanksgiving I have ever been apart of! they were talking about all of pamalas boys and giving their opinions and talking about al the high school drama. But It was so much fun. We were just laughing thw whole time! they were hilarious. We shared a scripture about being thankful and had everyone say what they are grateful for. SO ended on a spiritual note, so that was good :)
The rest of the week was great too. We got rain Thursday and friday, I loved it cause it felt like Fall.
I went on exchanges this week with sister Mellor, and got to be in Spanish for a day! wow! it was so amazing. It made me miss it even more!!!! But I know i'll go back someday before I'm done, So it will be ok. I just realyy think I'm more latina now... :)
Well thanks for all the e-mails and the pictures. I love you all so much. Keep being member missionaries and sharing your testimony wiht everyone! and don't forget to invite someone to church or an activity before the end of the year!
I love you the most!
Kiera lynn

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