Hola from Sunny, Hot, humid, smoggy, sweaty, dirty, creepy, but amazing LA :) haha

Well to start off, today was temple p-day, and it was amazing as usual! I love the temple so much. I've missed it these last three months. 
Also this week, yesterday actually, I hit my one year left mark.... So weird. I can not believe I've been gone for six months. It kinda makes me sick, cause that means I'm a third of the way done.... it's really sad actually. But ya, i'm six months old! Me and sister Warner are going to have a little party :)
Ok so this week.... I learned how to make empanadas from hermana Chicas. Ones with Creme and ones with frijoles. They were so good :) So i'll make them for you all when I get home :)
We also found a Less active who is now baptized in another church, and doesn't need the missionaries, cause she is at peace... oh and refused to say the word devil... she was interesting. Sister Warner Fell in the middle of the street, and this guy was like, be careful, then he said, hey do you want a ride, and she just looked back and said no, then rode away! it was one of the funnier moments on my mission! haha all we do is sweat, and bear our testimonies and ride up hills. So we are living the life!
We had dinner with the Deffez. they live in our same building, and they fixed our cooler one night and cleaned our apartment!!! they are so sweet!
We went over and did service for Hermana and Hermano Marroquin. I love them so much. Hna Marroquin was really struggling, and I asked how she was doing for reals, and she just looked at me and and started crying and fell into my arms. She has been having such a hard time. Her husband called the night before and asked if we could bring the elders with us when we went the next day so they could give her a blessing. And she did want one. so the elders came and elder roberts gave her one of the sweetest blessings I have ever heard. and it was exactly what she needed. It was just a testimony to me, that the priesthood is real, and heavenly knows each of us individually. :) Hermana Marroquin became my mom last transfer, and I become her daughter. It was a special moment for both of after the blessing. She just held me and cried and told me how much she loved me. I cried too. This is why serving a mission is the best thing in the world. cause you get to have these incredible experiences with these people you love so much. That's why I love my mission.
Well that's all can remember. OH!!! We are starting an english class tonight and i'm teaching! say a prayer for me! love you all so much!!!

kiera lynn